4 English Simple Future Exercises

english simple future exercises

Hello there, student! Today, we will dive into a fascinating aspect of the English language: the Simple Future tense.

This tense is crucial for expressing actions that will take place in the future, expressing predictions, assumptions, decisions, or plans.

I have prepared some exercises that cover a variety of areas – from putting sentences in the correct order, identifying and correcting grammatical errors, to vocabulary building and forming questions.

Let’s get started, and remember, the future isn’t something that just happens, it’s something you create!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Simple Future


a) go / I / will / to / park / the

I will go to the park.


b) will / we / visit / the / next / museum / week


c) will / student / be / I / a / next / year


d) my / will / job / I / start / next / month


e) will / they / graduate / next / month


f) will / I / buy / a / because / house / I / it / love


g) travel / you / do / want / to / with / me / ?


h) some / tea / will / you / have / ?


i) store / will / they / open / a / new


j) be / will / it / sunny / tomorrow / ?


k) the / meeting / you / will / organize / John, / ?


l) batteries / will / you / sell / hello, / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Simple Future Exercises


a) I will goes to park.

I will go to the park.


b) We will visits the mouseum.


c) She will be an doctors.


d) I will has an pet.


e) They go graduates next monthy.


f) It go raining tomorrow.


g) He will goes to the partty.


h) They will opens an new store.


i) You will eats the cacke.


j) I will reading an book.


k) Where will is the meeting?


l) He will be have an new jobe.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I xxxx go to the xxxket tomoxxxx.

I will go to the market tomorrow.


b) She xxxx bxx a new car next month.


c) We will xx xx the beach durxxx summer.


d) They will xxxxx a movie xxxxght.


e) He will xx to xxx gym xxter work.


f) xx will raxx tomorrow.


g) You xxxx rexxxxe the package xx tomorrow.


h) I will xxxxx xx family txxx Christmas.


i) They will xxxx a party xxxx week.


j) He will mxxx hxx friends xx xxx park.


k) You will xxxx a good time xx txx concert.


l) xx will xx a good book to xxxx.


m) Their xxxx will be xx travel around the xxxxx.


4) About English Simple Future, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I will read a book. ( What…)

What will you read?


b) We will go to the museum. ( Where...)


c) They will study for the exam. ( What...)


d) She will buy a new dress. ( What...)


e) You will eat pizza for dinner. ( What...)


f) You will travel to Spain. ( Where...)


g) He will go to the gym. ( Where...)


h) We will meet at the station. ( Where...)


i) You will speak to the manager. ( Who...)


j) I will have a cat. ( What...)


k) You will be my friend. ( Who...)


l) He will ride a bike. ( What...)


Excellent work today! Remember, the key to mastering the simple future tense, like any other aspect of the English language, is consistent practice.

Don’t worry if you stumbled over some parts – with time and repetition, you will gain a better understanding and more confidence.

Review these exercises, try to apply them in your daily conversations, and keep experimenting with new sentences. This will help you improve and become more proficient in expressing future intentions or plans.

Next time, we will be tackling another exciting topic. Until then, keep practicing and stay curious. You are doing great, and I’m proud of your progress!


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