English Subject Pronoun Exercises

english subject pronoun exercises

Hello, my dear student! Today, we are going to tackle a very important topic in English grammar – Subject Pronouns. This will give you a solid base to build upon your English speaking and writing skills.

Pronouns are fundamental to the structure of sentences and offer a concise way to refer to a noun without needing to repeat it.

To provide a complete understanding of this topic, we will walk through exercises that will assist you in putting sentences in the correct order, fixing grammatical errors, enriching your vocabulary, and formulating relevant questions.

Get ready to dive into this engaging exploration of the English language.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Subject Pronoun


a) animals / I / love / and / nature

I love animals and nature.


b) and / trees. / the / We / beautiful / love / birds / the


c) and / friends. / have / I / am / many / student / a


d) my / job. / and / I / nurse / a / am / love / I


e) are / to / school / students / every / day. / They / go / and


f) tea / because / I / its / taste. / I / drink / love


g) orange / juice / you / do / want / some / ?


h) tea / you / some / do / want / ?


i) they / lots / of / sell / bread


j) it / look / is / at / house / beautiful / this / really


k) the / meeting / you / organizing / are / John / ?


l) batteries / ma’am / do / you / sell / hello / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Subject Pronoun Exercises


a) I spek English.

I speak English.


b) I an a studant.


c) You is a student.


d) She es spanishe.


e) We are estudents.


f) They ary on vacattion.


g) They are cuty.


h) In Japan, peopple eat ricce.


i) On Italy, people eate pastta.


j) Madame, you choosed a beautifful dres.


k) Where are your book? It is in my desk.


l) I love mine book. It’s very interestting.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I xx seven xxxxx old.

I am seven years old.


b) I hxxx x big sister xxx x little brother.


c) My fxxxxxxx food xx pizza


d) I lxxx xxxxxxx football axx xxxxxxx books


e) I xxxx x pet dog xxxxd Max


f) Her xxxxxxxx hobby xx painting


g) She xxxxxx cooking in her xxxxx time.


h) They xxxx to go on vxxxxxxxx during xxxmer.


i) He xx a big fan xx science xxxtion movies.


j) We xxxx to play chess xx our xxxx time.


k) You xxx reaxxx good at xxxxxxng languages.


l) It xx xx favorite book xx read.


m) Their xxxxxxxx xxort to waxxh xx basketball.


4) About English Subject Pronoun, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) I will study tomorrow. ( What…)

What will you do tomorrow?


b) We will go to the cinema tonight. ( Where...)


c) They will work in an international company. ( Where...)


d) She will travel to Italy next year. ( Where...)


e) You will do your homework later. ( When...)


f) You will take a plane to Paris. ( Where...)


g) He will buy a new car. ( What...)


h) We will meet at the station. ( Where...)


i) You will talk to your teacher. ( Who...)


j) I will have a cat. ( What...)


k) You are my friend. ( Who...)


l) I ride a bike. ( Who...)


Fantastic job! You’ve reached the end of our lesson on English Subject Pronouns. Through a variety of exercises, you’ve proven your ability to restructure sentences, correct grammatical errors, apply new vocabulary, and ask appropriate questions.

I hope these activities have reinforced your understanding of the topic, as well as boosted your overall confidence in your English skills. Remember, practice is the key to mastery.

Keep practicing what we’ve learned today, and soon you’ll see a considerable improvement. I look forward to our next lesson. Until then, keep studying and stay curious about the English language!


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