34 Italian Exercises

italian exercises

Besides Italy’s culture, food, tourism, history, and architecture, there is another thing that makes people fall in love with Italy.

Their idiom is one of the sweetest languages, and many people seek to learn it as a hobby, while others go for formal reasons.

Talking about the Italian language, it has so many dialects and 21 letters. The Italian language’s alphabets do not have the letters j, k, w, x, and y. The first written script of the idiom was more than 1000 years ago, and it became a single official idiom of Italy in 1861.

If you are the one who is a big fan of this language and want some help getting on the path of learning Italian, you are in the right place. You can start practicing with Italian exercises. Below, there is a list!


🇮🇹 Italian exercises Simple Present⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Simple Past⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Simple Future⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Future Perfect⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Possessive Adjectives⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Plural⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Articles⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Definite and Indefinite Articles⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Basic Phrases⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Pronouns⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Colors⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Animals⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Family Members⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Greetings Farewells⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Asking and Giving Directions⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Days, Months, and Seasons⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Talking About Time⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Grazie, Prego, Scusi, and Per Favore⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Passive Form⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Infinitive Verbs⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Adverbs of Frequency⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Adverbs of Place⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Interrogative Pronouns⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Possessive Pronouns⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Reflexive Pronouns⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Personal Pronouns⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Relative Pronouns⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Subjunctive⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Negative Form⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Comparative and Superlative⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Quello x Quel⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Reflexive Verbs⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Conditional Tense⇗

🇮🇹 Italian exercises Countries and Nationalities⇗



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Write down every word you learn

We have some amazing tips that will be your companion on the way to learning the Italian language.

While you are on your way to learn, how about the idea of creating a vocabulary list? The first tip is to make a vocabulary list of every new word you learn. In this way, you will create your own word bank, and you can recall any word at any time from your personal dictionary.

Another benefit of writing down every Italian word you learn is that you will memorize it faster. When we note down something in an old fashioned way, our mind comprehends it and retain it in the memory. So, you have a real chance of pacing up your learning mission.


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Change language of your devices

This tip is very beneficial for memorizing different Italian words and phrases, which would take a lot of time and effort otherwise. The second tip for learning Italian is changing the language on your devices like phone, laptop, smartwatch, etc.

How will it help?

When you have been using your device, you are very familiar with several operations. You don’t even have a need to look at the instructions for executing it. When your device idiom is changed, you will automatically perform operations and look at the language carefully. By doing so, you will get familiar with a lot of phrases without any effort.


exercises practice italian


Consistency is the key to success. You shouldn’t rush to do everything in a short time. Because learning is all about persistence and consistency. You cannot claim yourself to have learned everything about the language. Every day, you will be offered something new on your plate while learning Italian.

Therefore, be consistent in your efforts and dedicate a small part of every day to learning new Italian words, phrases, and grammar. Most importantly, be consistent in reviewing what you have learned before. In this way, you would know your progress and your Italian vocabulary stays fresh.


exercises practice italian

Practice with Italian exercises

Italian exercises have a lot to add to your learning. They will stimulate your brain to absorb the studied content more quickly while adding new words and phrases to your vocabulary.



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Commute with Italian people

How about going to Italian people and talk to them in their idiom? Sounds too ideal? But you can talk to Italian people without spending a dime on expensive air tickets.

All you have to do is commute with Italian people on their platform. It can be social media forums where Italian speaking people are in abundance or any discussion in Italian.

The whole point is that you never miss a chance to commute with Italian speaking people at any place. You will become more familiar with the Italian slang vocabulary and context of different words.


exercises practice italian

Language Partner

The more you speak, the more fluent you become. While you are on the path of learning a new language, you must have someone who will help you grow without judgemental biases. The next tip is about practicing your learning with your language partner.

The partner will be a person who is native to the Italian idiom and help you improve your linguistic skills. Find a language partner and dedicate an hour or two every day to practice your learning. In this way, he will point out your mistakes and help you to learn the general vocabulary.


exercises practice italian


When you are all set to make Italian conversation, you must be familiar with some tricks and grammatical rules. The first thing is that the written and spoken Italian languages are not much different from each other. Most of the time, what is written has to be spoken in the same sounds.

But, in conversation, you have to take care of doubles in Italian. Although double letters are common in Italian speech, you have to pay special attention during conversation. Secondly, no Italian word ends with a vowel. Vowels and consonants have regular sound as in English.

Another important thing is when to put an apostrophe. Even this mistake is very common among native speakers. In the case of elision(when a vowel is in front of a vowel), use the apostrophe with all the female words. On the contrary, in truncation(when shortening a word), no apostrophe is used.


exercises practice italian

Set SMART Goals

Besides consistency and dedication, there is another thing that can lead the way toward success. Always set smart, achievable goals. Go for small steps rather than big leaps. In this way, you will stay motivated to learn the language after the achievement of every milestone.

Also, celebrate every milestone and appreciate yourself for the efforts you have been putting into learning Italian. And don’t forget to come back often here to practice with Italian exercises. That will help you to absorb and fix all the content you are learning.



Write your grocery list in Italian

You can also improvise your Italian learning in writing. How to do it exactly? This tip is as simple as it sounds. Make a list of your grocery in Italian every time you are visiting the departmental store.

When you write names of different things in Italian, your mind will work to remember the names with their corresponding translation. Repetition of this practice will make those words permanent in your mind.

We have shared many tips with you for learning Italian but the most important thing for learning anything is your motivation behind that learning and then putting all the efforts to succeed in learning. We hope these tips will make your Italian language learning more smooth and informative.

We hope that these tips will help you through your journey of learning. All these Italian exercises will help you to learn the language more easily and understand the grammar faster!