Italian Personal Pronouns Exercises

italian personal pronouns exercises

Ciao caro studente! Today, we are embarking on a fascinating journey through the Italian language, delving into the world of Italian Personal Pronouns.

They are key in constructing sentences and making your communication clear and effective. Through various engaging activities, we will familiarize ourselves with the different forms and uses of Italian personal pronouns.

Whether you are a beginner or looking to polish your skills, this session is designed to enhance your understanding and mastery of this essential aspect of Italian grammar. So, let’s dive in and embrace the beauty of the Italian language together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Personal Pronouns


a) io / sono / studente / un

Io sono uno studente.


b) tu / qui / sei / ?


c) state / voi / bene / ?


d) loro / partiti / sono / già


e) abbiamo / noi / lezione / una


f) tu / libro / gli / dai / il / nuovo / ?


g) tempo / da / non / ti / vedo / molto


h) noi / al / parco / lo / vediamo / spesso


i) lui / scuola / ci / a / porta / sempre /


j) la / pizza / vi / piace / con / peperoni / ?


k) di / mi / tu / quando / chiami / solito / ?


l) da / lei / è / migliore / amica / sempre / mia / la


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Personal Pronouns Exercises


a) I am happy.

Io sono felice.


b) You (informal) are my best friend.


c) We are going to the party.


d) They are sisters.


e) You (formal) are very kind.


f) He helps me a lot.


g) She is a teacher.


h) You (plural) are students, aren’t you?


i) We see them every day.


j) She calls us every night.


k) I am giving him the book.


l) Are you (plural) coming to the cinema with us?


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) I – You (singular, informal) – He/She/It

Io – Tu – Lui/Lei


b) We - You (plural) - They


c) Me - You (singular) - Him/Her/It


d) Us - You (plural) - Them


e) Myself - Yourself (singular) - Himself/Herself/Itself


f) Ourselves - Yourselves - Themselves


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Personal Pronouns into Consideration


He always brings his camera wherever he goes. He loves capturing the moments that seem mundane to others but are extraordinary to him. He finds beauty in the simplicity of life and uses his lens to share his unique perspective.


She talks to herself when she’s working on a difficult problem, believing that it helps organize her thoughts. She values her alone time, as it allows her to reflect and recharge, making her ready to face the challenges ahead with a clear mind.


5) About Italian Personal Pronouns, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Io sono un medico. (Che…)

Che lavoro fai?


b) Noi andiamo a scuola in autobus. (Come...)


c) Lui è il mio fratello. (Chi...)


d) Tu sei sempre così gentile. (Perché...)


e) Lei mi insegna l'italiano. (Cosa...)


f) Voi siete i migliori. (Chi...)


g) Loro vivono in Italia. (Dove...)


h) Mi chiamo Marco. (Come...)


i) Ci vediamo domani. (Quando...)


Bravissimo! You’ve done an outstanding job today, immersing yourself in the world of Italian Personal Pronouns.

Through various exercises, you’ve practiced and solidified your understanding of how to use these pronouns in different contexts and scenarios.

Remember, mastering personal pronouns is a key step in becoming fluent in Italian, as they are used in almost every sentence we construct.

Keep practicing, and don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises whenever you need a refresher. La pratica rende perfetti – practice makes perfect!

Continue on your journey of learning Italian with enthusiasm and passion, and soon, you’ll find yourself communicating with ease and confidence. Alla prossima, until next time!


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