Italian Reflexive Pronouns Exercises

italian reflexive pronouns exercises

Buongiorno a tutti! Today, we are going to delve into the fascinating world of the pronomi riflessivi.

These pronouns are crucial when we talk about actions that the subject performs upon themselves, such as getting dressed, waking up, or enjoying oneself.

Understanding how to use them correctly will not only enhance your grammatical accuracy in Italian but also allow you to express yourself in a more natural and fluent manner.

So, let’s pay close attention, and practice consistently, and by the end of this session, you’ll find that using reflexive pronouns in Italian will be as easy as saying ‘ciao’! Andiamo!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Reflexive Pronouns


a) si / alle / sei / sveglia / Lara

Lara si sveglia alle sei.


b) ti / piaci / tu


c) domani / ci / vediamo


d) ti / svegliato / presto / sei


e) molto / ci / siamo / divertiti


f) mi / lavato / i / capelli / sono


g) vi / state / divertendo / voi


h) si / è / fatto / male / Marco


i) chiavi / mi / le / sono / dimenticato


j) si / sono / laureati / ieri / Anna e Luca


k) festa / si / sono / conosciuti / una / loro / a


l) il / si / persi / durante / viaggio / sono


2) Translate these Sentences – Italian Reflexive Pronouns Exercises


a) I wake up at 7 every day.

Mi sveglio alle 7 tutti i giorni.


b) We enjoyed the party a lot.


c) She brushes her hair every morning.


d) Did you (formal) find yourself well at the hotel?


e) You (plural) will hurt yourselves if you are not careful.


f) He forgot his wallet at home.


g) They saw each other at the cinema.


h) She got lost in the city.


i) I remembered the appointment at the last moment.


j) Did you (informal) enjoy the concert?


k) I put on my jacket because it was cold.


l) We will see each other next week.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) To get up – To wash – To remember

Alzarsi – Lavarsi – Ricordarsi


b) To enjoy - To forget - To see each other


c) To find oneself - To brush - To hurt oneself


d) To put on - To wake up - To meet


e) To fall asleep - To lose - To call oneself


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking Italian Reflexive Pronouns into Consideration


Every morning, Marco gets up early and immediately brushes his teeth and washes his face. He likes to take time for himself, enjoying a quiet breakfast while reading the newspaper. Before leaving the house, he always remembers to check if he has everything he needs, making sure not to forget anything important.


During the trip, they enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and took many photos. They found themselves in a small, charming village and decided to stop and visit. Although they got lost for a moment, they didn’t worry and saw it as an opportunity to explore. In the end, they were happy with their adventure and promised to see each other again soon.


5) About Italian Reflexive Pronouns, Write the Questions to the Answers


a) Mi chiamo Anna. (Come…)

Come ti chiami?


b) Mi sono svegliato molto presto stamattina. (A che...)


c) Mi diverto sempre quando esco con gli amici. (Ti...)


d) Mi sono dimenticato il nome. (Ti...)


e) Mi sono fatto male giocando a calcio. (Come...)


f) Mi sono lavato i capelli ieri. (Quando...)


g) Mi sono perso mentre cercavo la strada. (Ti...)


h) Mi sono vestito in fretta. (Come...)


i) Mi sono ricordato di comprare il latte. (Ti...)


j) Mi sono divertito molto alla festa. (Ti...)


k) Mi sono addormentato subito. (Come...)


l) Mi sono incontrato con Maria ieri. (Con...)


Bravissimi a tutti! You have done an excellent job today working through these exercises on Italian reflexive pronouns.

Remember, mastering reflexive pronouns is a significant step toward achieving fluency in Italian, as they are commonly used in everyday conversations. Continue practicing, and don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises or reach out if you have any questions.

Your dedication to learning is truly commendable, and I am confident that with this perseverance, you will continue to make great strides in your Italian language journey. Alla prossima lezione, e buon lavoro a tutti!


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