Asking Directions Exercises

english asking directions exercises

Hello dear student. Navigating through unfamiliar surroundings and asking for directions is an integral part of our life experiences.

Whether you’re traveling, moving to a new city, or simply exploring new places, knowing how to ask for directions in English can be invaluable. Today, we’ll dive into a series of activities focusing on “Asking Directions.”

The aim is to build your confidence, expand your vocabulary, and ensure that you can communicate effectively when you need assistance in finding your way. Let’s embark on this linguistic journey together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Asking Directions


a) building / the / nearest / to / the / where / subway / station / is?

Where is the nearest subway station to the building?


b) Can / you / how / get / to / the / tell / museum / me / to / ?


c) the / turn / corner / do / at / I / right / ?


d) far / from / is / how / here / it / ?


e) the / bank / opposite / the / post / office / is / ?


f) the / the / follow / road / to / end / I / should / ?


g) the / next / the / is / cinema / to / pharmacy / ?


h) for / looking / am / I / hospital / the / ?


i) two / after / take / blocks, / a / left / ?


j) find / can / station / bus / I / where / the / ?


k) past / walk / the / park / I / should / ?


l) street / on / live / this / you / do / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Asking Directions


a) Where is stattion at?

Where is the station?


b) I can finds where the library?


c) Turn the at second left.


d) It's oppositte of hospital.


e) How I can reach at airport?


f) Walk straigth to then take an right.


g) This is way the to for hotel?


h) I'm looking to for store shoe.


i) On the corner, it is?


j) How for I get the beach?


k) Where to the mostly near gas station?


l) Can you me tell were the pharmacy is to?


2) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) Could you xxxl me how to xxx to the txxxn xxxtion?

Could you tell me how to get to the train station?


b) At the roundabout, txxx the third xxxt.


c) The museum is xxxt to the xxxxch.


d) I'm trying to xxxd the Hilton xxxxl.


e) Is this the xxx to the poxx xxxxce?


f) Go strxxxxx until you see a big xxxxxain.


g) You should txxx left xx xxx traffic lights.


h) Can you dxxxxx me to the nearest xxxway xxxxxxx?


i) The park xx xxxxnd the school.


j) You'll xxxx the restaurant xx your xxxht.


k) I'm looking xxx Baker xxxeex.


l) The zoo is five xxxxs xxxy from here.


4) Asking Directions Test. Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) It’s two blocks away on your right. (Where… …ary?)

Where is the library?


b) Yes, go straight and then turn left. (Do... ..nue .. .. to the bank?)

c) You'll find it next to the supermarket. (Where... ..bakery)

d) Take the bus number 5. (Which... ..airport?)

e) Walk for about ten minutes. (How... need

f) It's the third street on your left. (Which... office on?)

g) Next to the park. (Where... ..est ...restroom?)

h) You should take the subway. (What... ..ckest ...stadium?)

i) You need to cross the bridge. (How... ..island park?)

j) Turn right at the bakery. (Which... ..cinema?)


Well done on completing the activities on “Asking Directions”! By now, you should have a firmer grasp on the phrases, structures, and vocabulary needed to ask for and understand directions in English.

Remember, like any other skill, the key to mastering this is practice. Don’t hesitate to use these phrases in real-life situations or role-playing exercises. The world is vast, and there’s so much to explore.

With your newly acquired language skills, you’re one step closer to navigating it with ease and confidence. Keep up the fantastic work, and always stay curious! Safe travels!


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