Months and Seasons Exercises

english months and seasons exercises

Understanding the months and seasons of the year is an essential aspect of mastering the English language.

It helps us communicate about events, plan future activities, and reflect on past experiences. Today, we will delve into exercises that focus on improving your grasp of this fundamental topic.

Through these activities, not only will you strengthen your vocabulary and sentence construction around months and seasons, but you’ll also enhance your ability to frame and answer questions related to them.

So, let’s embark on this journey together and make learning both fun and informative.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Months and Seasons of the Year


a) I / January / in / was / born

I was born in January.


b) begins / spring / in / March


c) is / month / the / December / of / the / last / year


d) their / summer / children / during / vacation / have


e) like / in / I / to / snow / see / February


f) autumn / leaves / fall / during


g) is / July / in / my / birthday


h) wear / in / winter / coats / we


i) come / in / April / showers / spring


j) June / school / out / gets / in


k) is / September / the / in / fall / start


l) festivals / have / we / October / in


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Months and Seasons of the Year Exercises


a) I go holiday in Jully.

I go on holiday in July.


b) We travel to the Spain on Spring.


c) She love the autumm leaves.


d) Winter come after the fall.


e) He were born in Febuary.


f) Summer are mine favorite season.


g) At May we celebrates Mother’s Day.


h) I love to the flowers on Marh.


i) They go sking on the Wintter.


j) It's are very cold on the August.


k) I'll visits you on September.


l) The festival happen on Spring.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) Wintxx is the cxxdxxx month xx the year.

Winter is the coldest season of the year.


b) August is the exxxxx month of xxxx.


c) Trees lose their lxxxxx during xxxxxn.


d) We go xxxxming in the xxxxxx because it's hot.


e) I always enjoy the xxxxxvals in xxxxber.


f) April showers xxing xxy flowers.


g) He xxxxxxates his birthday in xxnx.


h) The year starts with the moxxx of xxxxxxx.


i) We harvest xxxxs in the xxxxmn.


j) They lxxxx fireworks in xxxxxxxx to celebrate New Year.


k) My sister's xxddxxx is xx xxy.


l) During xxxxoox, we xxxxxxence a lot of rain.


4) About Months and Seasons of the Year, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I was born in March. (When…)

When were you born?


b) They will go on a trip in winter. (When...)


c) Summer is her favorite season. (Which...)


d) We will celebrate our anniversary in June. (When...)


e) She loves the snow in December. (What...)


f) He goes skiing every February. (What...)


g) Spring is the season of flowers. (What...)


h) They travel to Europe in the autumn. (Where...)


i) We celebrate Christmas in December. (When...)


j) Fall is the American term for autumn. (What...)


k) My birthday is in November. (When...)


l) They harvest crops in the fall. (When...)


I’m proud of the effort you’ve put into these activities. It’s evident that you’ve taken steps forward in mastering the English language’s nuances regarding months and seasons.

Remember, like any other topic, regular practice and usage will reinforce your understanding and boost your confidence. So, try to incorporate these words and structures into your daily conversations.

Keep up the good work, and always remember, I’m here to support you in your learning journey. Looking forward to our next lesson!


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