4 Possessive Pronouns Exercises

english possessive pronouns exercises

Hello dear student! Today, we are diving into a vital component of the English language.

These little words can make a world of difference in how we express ownership and relationships. They help us understand who something belongs to without repeating the owner’s name.

By mastering possessive pronouns, you’ll be able to communicate more efficiently and clearly. Let’s go through these exercises that I’ve prepared for you, step by step.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Possessive Pronouns


a) it / my / is / book

It is my book.


b) car / yours / is / the / green / ?


c) ours / is / the / house / white


d) theirs / the / toys / are / all


e) phone / hers / the / is / black


f) is / yours / which / book / ?


g) dogs / his / are / the / small


h) is / the / red / hers / dress


i) ours / the / photos / are / all


j) pencil / blue / is / yours / the / ?


k) guitar / whose / is / it / ?


l) hers / these / shoes / are / brown


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Possessive Pronouns Exercises


a) The book are mine.

The book is mine.


b) That pencil is your.


c) The house is our.


d) The shoes is her.


e) This fhone are his.


f) That bycicle are their.


g) The guittar are my.


h) These books is yuors.


i) The jacket is our.


j) The cat is her.


k) The drawing are my.


l) The car is their.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) The toy is xxxe, not yxxxs.

The toy is mine, not yours.


b) The books oxxx there are oxxx.


c) This is xxx my umbrella, it's xexx.


d) Xxxxe laptop is this? It's xix.


e) The cxxxxxen said the toys are txxxxx.


f) This isn't xxxr jacket, it's xxxe.


g) These notes aren't mxxx, they're xxxxs.


h) The team believes the victory is xxxxxs.


i) Is this pen xxxxs or xix?


j) The cat isn't xxs, it's xexx.


k) These are xxx my shoes, they are xxrx.


l) The chocolate isn't oxxx, it's xxxxrs.


4) Possessive Pronouns Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) It’s mine. ( Whose…)

Whose is it?


b) The bag is hers. ( Whose...)


c) The books are theirs. ( Whose...)


d) The phone is his. ( Whose...)


e) The computer is ours. ( Whose...)


f) The watch is mine. ( Whose...)


g) The car is yours. ( Whose...)


h) The jacket is theirs. ( Whose...)


i) The dress is hers. ( Whose...)


j) The bike is his. ( Whose...)


k) The shoes are mine. ( Whose...)


l) The glasses are yours. ( Whose...)


Well done! You’ve worked through a comprehensive set of exercises on possessive pronouns, which are crucial in everyday communication.

The more you utilize these pronouns in your daily conversations, the more natural they’ll become for you. Keep revisiting these exercises and try to create sentences of your own.

I’m confident that with consistent practice, you’ll master this aspect of the English language. Keep up the good work!


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