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english tag questions exercises

Hello dear student! Mastering the art of English often requires a keen understanding of various aspects of the language, and today, we’ll delve into an essential grammatical concept: “Tag Questions”.

These are short questions added at the end of a statement, turning it into a question. They’re particularly useful in spoken English, aiding in confirming or checking something you believe to be true.

The exercises below have been crafted to guide you through understanding their structure, correcting common mistakes, and practicing their application. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Tag Questions


a) isn’t / she / lovely / she’s / ?

She’s lovely, isn’t she?


b) aren't / watching / are / TV / you / you?


c) help / you / you'll / won't / ?


d) can't / can / swim / you / you / ?


e) they / it / did / they / didn't / ?


f) he / be / will / late / he / won't / ?


g) they / didn’t / eat / they / ?


h) you / had / didn’t / breakfast / you / ?


i) won't / there / be / will / cake / there / ?


j) it's / it / isn't / easy / ?


k) it / rained / didn’t / it / ?


l) you / you / know / don’t / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Tag Questions


a) You’re coming, isn’t you?

You’re coming, aren’t you?


b) They went for the park, did they?


c) He'll helps, don't he?


d) She can cook, isn't she?


e) We did understand, didn't we?


f) It rained, isn't it?


g) You are American, is you?


h) They will come, aren't they?


i) She is no tired, is she?


j) He not can swimm, can he?


k) It was fun, weren't it?


l) They has arived, haven't they?


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) She’s a xxxcher, xxxxx xxx?

She’s a teacher, isn’t she?


b) You can't xxxxk French, xxx xxx?


c) It wasn't rxxxxng, xxx xx?


d) They've xxt before, xxxxxxx xxxx?


e) You're xxxxg xx the party, xxxxxx xxx?


f) We weren't lxxd, xxxx xxx?


g) You have xxxxxhed your xxxk, xxxxxxx xxx?


h) He shouldn't do xxxt, xxxxxx xx?


i) You'd like sxxe coxxxe, xxxxxxxx xxx?


j) They xxxx xx the concert, xxxxxxx xxxx?


k) He doesn't kxxx the answer, xxxx xx?


l) They'll hxxx us, xxxxx xxxx?


4) Tag Questions Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Yes, I did. (…enjoyed… movie…)

You enjoyed the movie, didn’t you?


b) No, she isn't. (...coming... party...)


c) Yes, they can. (...dance...)


d) No, I'm not. (...sick...)


e) Yes, he has. (...finished... project...)


f) No, they weren't. (...mall yesterday...)


g) Yes, I will. (...help me with this...)


h) No, it doesn't. (...looks easy...)


i) Yes, we are. (...both related...)


j) No, she won't. (...join us later...)


k) Yes, they do. (...live... city...)


l) No, I didn't. (...heard ab... news...)


And there we have it! Having navigated through these exercises, you should now have a more solid grasp of tag questions.

Remember, the key to mastering any language is consistent practice. As you engage in conversations or even when you’re reading, be mindful of these tag questions, noticing their usage and function.

Over time, you’ll find that they’ll come more naturally to you. Keep up the excellent work, and always remember that every step, no matter how small, brings you closer to fluency. Until our next lesson, keep practicing and stay curious!


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