Written Numbers 21 to 50 Exercises

english numbers 21 to 50 exercises

Hello students! Today, we are going to work on an important aspect of our daily communication – numbers. Specifically, we will focus on written numbers from 21 to 50.

Understanding and using these numbers correctly is essential for various everyday activities, such as shopping, telling the time, giving directions, and more.

We will practice putting sentences in the correct order, fixing grammatical errors, completing sentences, and formulating questions. Let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Written Numbers 21 to 50


a) three / twenty / are / there / books

There are twenty-three books.


b) five / are / thirty / children / there


c) ate / forty / I / apples / two


d) seven / are / there / chairs / twenty


e) bought / I / thirty / eggs / six


f) found / nine / she / forty / dollars


g) there / five / forty / are / students


h) he / drove / eight / miles / twenty


i) wrote / fifty / she / pages


j) are / thirty / days / in / April / there


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Written Numbers 21 to 50 Exercises


a) I have twentyfive cat.

I have twenty-five cats.


b) There are fourty students at the class.


c) She bought thirtytwo egg.


d) He drove twentie-six miles.


e) There is fourt-five apples.


f) She found fift dolar.


g) I ate fourt-two cokies.


h) There are thyrty-seven chars.


i) I bought fivty book.


j) There is twemty-eigth days at February.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I have txxxxxy-xxe books on xx shelf.

I have twenty-one books on my shelf.


b) She drove thxxxx-xxxr miles to reach home.


c) There are fxxxy-sxx apples on the table.


d) I found fixxx dollars xx the street.


e) There are thxxxx days xx November.


f) I ate twxxxx-exxxx cookies yesterday.


g) There are xoxxy-xxnx students xx the class.


h) I bought xhixxx-xix eggs from the xxxxet.


i) She wrote xxftx pages of her book.


j) There are xxxntx-xxvex chairs in the hall.


4) Written Numbers 21 to 50 Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I bought twenty-three books. ( How many…)

How many books did you buy?


b) There are thirty-five children. ( How many...)


c) She drove forty-two miles. ( How many...)


d) I ate twenty-seven cookies. ( How many...)


e) There are thirty-six eggs. ( How many...)


f) He found fifty dollars. ( How much...)


g) I have forty-five apples. ( How many...)


h) She wrote twenty-eight pages. ( How many...)


i) There are fifty students in the class. ( How many...)


j) I found twenty-one dollars. ( How much m...)


Great work today! You have practiced using written numbers from 21 to 50 in various contexts and sentence structures. Remember, practice makes perfect, so try to incorporate these numbers into your daily life as much as possible.

Keep practicing and you will see improvement in no time. Well done and see you in the next lesson!


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