At the Restaurant Vocabulary Exercises

english at the restaurant vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we will be focusing on a very important and practical topic – ‘At the Restaurant Vocabulary’.

Being able to communicate effectively at a restaurant is a key skill for everyday life, especially when you are traveling or dining out.

We will start with rearranging sentences, followed by fixing grammatical errors, practicing vocabulary by completing sentences, and finally, forming questions for given answers.

These exercises will help you to learn and practice the vocabulary and expressions you need to use at a restaurant. Let’s dive in and get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – At the Restaurant Vocabulary


a) would / like / order / the / steak / I / to

I would like to order the steak.


b) could / I / have / please / bill, / the / ?


c) please / for / two, / a / table


d) nuts / to / I / am / allergic


e) you / have / vegetarian / options / do / any / ?


f) wine / see / could / I / the / list?


g) glass / have / please / of / water, / can / I / a / ?


h) would / to / make / reservation / like / a / I


i) bread / get / we / some / for / the / could / table / ?


j) you / food / delicious, / thank / the / was.


k) dish / could / I / get / without / this / garlic / ?


l) dish / this / spicy / is?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – At the Restaurant Vocabulary Exercises


a) I would likes a tables for two.

I would like a table for two.


b) Can I geting a menu?


c) I will has a chicken salad and a glas water.


d) I am alergic to seefood.


e) Could you recomends a desert?


f) I would like an cupp of tea.


g) This winne are too sweet.


h) Can I has the bil, please?


i) The service were excelent.


j) I made it an reservation four 8 o'clock.


k) This dissh are too spicie.


l) Can I has some more breads?


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I would like to xxxer a gxxss xx red wxxx.

I would like to order a glass of red wine.


b) Could I xxxe the bxxx, please?


c) A table xxr xoxx, please.


d) I am allxxxx to sxxxxod.


e) Do you have xxx vexxxxxxxx options?


f) Could I sxx the wxxx list?


g) Can I xxxx a xxxss of water, please?


h) I would like to make a xxxxxxxxion.


i) Could we get xxxe xxxad for the table?


j) The fxxx was xxxxxxxus, thank you.


k) Could I get this xxxh without xxxxic?


l) Is this dxxx xxxxy?


m) Their favorite dish xx xxxxx is pxxxa.


4) English Subject Pronoun Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) I would like to order the seafood platter. ( What…)

What would you like to order?


b) Yes, I have a reservation. ( Do...)


c) I am allergic to dairy. ( What...)


d) Yes, I would like some more water. ( Would...)


e) I would like to pay by credit card. ( How...)


f) I will have the chocolate cake for dessert. ( What wi...)


g) Yes, the food was delicious. ( Was...)


h) I would like a table by the window. ( Where...)


i) I will tip 20%. ( How...)


j) I come to this restaurant once a month. ( How o...)


k) I would like a medium-rare steak. ( How w...)


l) I prefer white wine. ( What ki...)


Great work today! You have successfully completed the ‘At the Restaurant Vocabulary’ exercises. I hope you found these activities helpful and engaging.

Remember, practice is key to becoming fluent in any language, so try to use these new words and expressions in your daily life.

Whether you are ordering food at a restaurant, or just talking about food with your friends, these phrases will surely come in handy. Keep up the good work, and as always, happy learning!


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