Weather Vocabulary Exercises

english weather vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we have a set of tests to expand your weather vocabulary. These exercises are designed to help you construct sentences correctly and ask appropriate questions related to the weather.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice two essential aspects of language learning: grammar and vocabulary. So, let’s dive into the activities and make the most out of this learning opportunity!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Weather Vocabulary


a) is / it / outside / sunny

It is sunny outside.


b) cold / it / raining / and / is


c) winter / is / favorite / season / my


d) umbrella / raining / an / I / need / because / it / is


e) hot / it / wear / I / will / because / is / a hat / outside. / so


f) weather / the / is / windy / and / cloudy


g) snowing / outside / heavily / it / is


h) storm / there / tonight / a / be / will


i) humid / very / today / is / it


j) is / the / foggy / morning / in / it


k) thunder / is / and / there / lightning


l) is / it / outside / freezing


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Weather Vocabulary Exercises


a) It is suny todays.

It is sunny today.


b) Its rainning cats and dogs.


c) There are thunder and lightings.


d) It was an stormie night.


e) The whether is very hoted.


f) Its snowing in outside.


g) The wether is cloudie.


h) It was an fogy morning.


i) It are too umid today.


j) There is be a thundestorm later.


k) Its a winds day.


l) It are freezinh on outside.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) It is so xxxny outside, I need to xxxr my sunxxxxxxs.

It is so sunny outside, I need to wear my sunglasses.


b) In xxxter, it usually xxxws a lot in my city.


c) I forgot my xxxxxxxx at home, and now I am getting xxx because it is rxxxxxg.


d) It is so xxx today that I am xxxxxxng.


e) I love the xxxxd of thxxxxx during a stxxx.


f) The xxx is so txxxx that I can't xxx anything.


g) I need to xxxx a xxxxet because it is very xxxxly outside.


h) The xxxx is blowing my xxx off my head!


i) The wxxxxxx forecast says there will be xxxxxrs later in the evening.


j) I love watching the xxxxxxxxx during a rxxxxxorm from my xxxxxw.


k) The xxx is full of xxxxds, it might xxxx soon.


l) It is xxxxxxxx outside, I can see my bxxxxx.


m) The xxxxxity is making it xxxx to breathe.


4) English Subject Pronoun Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) It is sunny. ( What… …

What is the weather like?


b) There will be a thunderstorm. ( What... ..wea.. .. ..cast?)


c) It is snowing. ( What... ..ther .. ..side?)


d) It is very humid. ( How... .. wea .. .. today?)


e) There is a lot of fog. ( Is... cl.. ..side?)


f) The wind is very strong. ( How...


g) It will be rainy later. ( What... .. fore.. ..later?)

h) It is very hot. ( How... ..e today?)


i) There will be showers in the evening. ( When...)


j) It is freezing outside. ( How c...)


k) It is cloudy. ( What is...)


l) It is a windy day. ( What... ..her ..


Great job on completing these activities! I hope you found them helpful in practicing your English weather vocabulary.

Remember, practice is key to mastering any language. So, try to incorporate these words and structures into your daily conversations and writing.

Also, don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises or any other materials whenever you feel the need for a refresher. Keep up the good work, and always strive to improve your language skills!


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