In the City Vocabulary Exercises

english in the city vocabulary exercises

Hello dear student! Today, we are going to work on an exciting set of exercises that will help you practice your English vocabulary related to the city.

Being comfortable with ‘in the city’ vocabulary is essential as we encounter these words in our day-to-day activities. They are structured in four different parts: arranging sentences, correcting grammatical errors, completing sentences, and forming questions.

These tests are designed to enhance not only your vocabulary but also your sentence construction, grammar, and question-forming abilities.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – In the City Vocabulary


a) the / cinema / to / I / go / usually / on / weekends

I usually go to the cinema on weekends.


b) is / There / near / my / house. / supermarket / a


c) in / the / is / center / the / city / museum


d) is / always / the / morning / in / busy / station / the


e) by / I / go / bus / to / school


f) in / are / many / the / city / parks / there


g) library / is / the / open / when / ?


h) restaurant / do / want / the / to / go / you / to / ?


i) are / shops / closed / the / Sunday / on


j) is / post / where / the / office / ?


k) hospital / the / to / way / the / is / this / ?


l) market / the / at / fruits / they / buy


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – In the City Vocabulary Exercises


a) I goes to the park every days.

I go to the park every day.


b) She don’t like the noyse in the city.


c) The traffics is always bad on the morning.


d) There is many restaurant on the city center.


e) He live near the trein station.


f) They goes for the library on wekends.


g) The supermarket are opened until 10pn.


h) The cinema is close at Monday.


i) The museun have a new exibition.


j) She take an taxi for the airport.


k) The park are full of the people in the Sunday.


l) I walk to for the scholl every day.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I always see a xxx of people xx the sxxxxon.

I always see a lot of people at the station.


b) There are many xxxps and xxxxxxxxnts in the city center.


c) I usually go to the xxxxxxxxket to buy gxxxxxxxs.


d) The xxxxma is very cxxxxxd during the weekends.


e) I love to xxxxd time in the xarx xx Sundays.


f) The xxxxum has a new xxxxxxxion this month.


g) The xxxxet is the best place to xxx xxxxh fruits.


h) I need to go to the pxxx ofxxxx to xxxx a package.


i) There is always a xxx of traffic xxxx the xxxxxon.


j) The xxxxxxxxket is open xxxxx 10pm.


k) The xxxxxry is cxxxd on Mondays.


l) I usually xxxx a xxxx to go to the airport.


m) The xxrx is xxxx of people xx weekends.


4) In the City Vocabulary Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I am going to the supermarket. (Where…)

Where are you going?


b) The museum is in the city center. (Where...)


c) The library is closed on Mondays. (When...)


d) I usually go to the park on Sundays. (When...)


e) The supermarket is open until 10pm. (When...


f) I walk to school every day. (How...)


g) The station is always busy in the morning. (When... .. sy?)


h) There is a new exhibition at the museum. (What is...)


i) I usually take a taxi to the airport. (How...)


j) The post office is near my house. (Where...)


k) The market is the best place to buy fresh fruits. (What...)


Well done on completing the exercises! I hope you found them helpful and engaging.

It’s essential to practice regularly and apply the vocabulary you have learned in real-life situations. Remember, the more you practice, the more natural it will become.

Don’t hesitate to go over the activities again if you need more practice, and always try to use the new vocabulary you learn as much as possible.

Keep up the great work, and continue to practice your English every day!


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