Adjectives Order Exercises

english adjectives order exercises

Mastering the English language involves not only understanding vocabulary and grammar rules but also the ability to order and structure these elements in a way that feels natural and fluent to native speakers.

Today, we’re delving into the realm of adjectives, those descriptive words that breathe life into our sentences. However, using them effectively is more than just knowing their meanings; it’s about placing them in the correct sequence for maximum clarity and impact.

This exercise is designed to enhance your understanding of adjective order, a pivotal component of fluent communication. Let’s begin!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Adjectives Order


a) blue / my / I / love / big / eyes

I love my big blue eyes.


b) new / bought / she / red / dress / a


c) small / dog / a / have / fluffy / I


d) is / round / table / the / wooden / old


e) old / house / a / large / they / in / live / stone


f) green / car / his / new / likes / he


g) long / has / she / hair / black


h) wear / a / hat / today / white / small / I


i) is / couch / the / comfortable / brown


j) purse / bought / new / leather / a / she


k) has / new / computer / a / he / black


l) has / umbrella / a / old / she / big


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Adjectives Order Exercises


a) I love my eyes blue.

I love my blue eyes.


b) She has a hair curly brown.


c) They live in a big house wood.


d) He bought an new car yellow.


e) I wear a red shoes new.


f) The is table round wooden.


g) They has a dog big flufy.


h) I bought a beuatiful dress long.


i) She wear a new hat pink.


j) He have a tie green new.


k) The old man have hair white long.


l) The children loves their toys new shiny.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) The girl has beaxxxxxx long brxxxx hair.

The girl has beautiful long brown hair.


b) I bought a xxxny new xed car.


c) They live xx a xxg old xtoxe house.


d) She wears a xxxxly new xxeex dress.


e) I have a xuxx small xxxffx dog.


f) He drives a xusxx old xlux car.


g) The cat xx really xofx fxxry.


h) I wear xxxxxrtable old xxxxher shoes.


i) The mountain views are xxxxxhtakxxx and xxxxxacular.


j) She owns a xxxxxrful big xooxxn house.


k) The movie was xxrillxxx and xxxxxing.


l) The beach was xxxxxngly and xxxxxuil.


4) About Adjectives Order, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) The dress is new and blue. (What…)

What color and condition is the dress?


b) The purse is leather and small. (What...)


c) The car is shiny and red. (What...)


d) The tie is green and silk. (What...)


e) The hat is new and black. (What...)


f) The shirt is white and cotton. (What...)


Well done on completing the exercises on adjective order! Remember, mastering the order of adjectives can elevate your English sentences from simply being understood to sounding natural and polished.

This skill is particularly essential when describing complex subjects or painting vivid pictures with your words. Keep practicing, and soon, this knowledge will become an intuitive part of your English language journey.

Always strive for improvement and continue to challenge yourself with more complex sentences. You’re on the right path, and I’m confident that with persistence, you’ll achieve excellence in this area. Keep up the great work!


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