Irregular Verbs Exercises

english irregular verbs exercises

Mastering irregular verbs is an essential component of achieving fluency in English. While they may seem challenging at first due to their unique conjugations, with consistent practice and application, you’ll find them becoming second nature.

The activities provided here are designed to help you understand, practice, and test your knowledge of irregular verbs.

We’ll start with sentence ordering, move on to correcting grammatical errors, enhance your vocabulary, and finally, craft questions based on given answers. Let’s dive in and enhance your grasp on this fundamental aspect of the English language!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Irregular Verbs


a) taken / have / I / my / exam

I have taken my exam.


b) broken / has / my / brother / the / vase


c) they / been / have / to / the / zoo


d) forgotten / her / I / haven't / birthday


e) won / you / have / lottery / the / ?


f) bitten / the / has / dog / you / ?


g) drawn / the / has / picture / she / ?


h) his / he / has / keys / lost / ?


i) met / we / the / president / have / ?


j) ridden / have / you / a / ever / horse / ?


k) they / have / the / pie / eaten / ?


l) before / seen / this / you / movie / have / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Irregular Verbs Exercises


a) I have went there.

I have gone there.


b) She has singed a song.


c) He has draw a paintinng.


d) They has ate the food.


e) We have saw to the movie.


f) I have swam at the ocean.


g) She has began the project.


h) I have wrote an letter.


i) They have drank the watter.


j) He has spoke too me.


k) You have ran at the marathon.


l) I have has taked the medicine.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I have lxxx xx keys.

I have lost my keys.


b) She has xxxd the xxxire book.


c) We have xxxxxned to xxx music.


d) I have xxxed a cake xxx the party.


e) He xxx never xexx abroad.


f) They have already xax txxxr meals.


g) She has sxxxt all night xxxdying.


h) We xxxx just hxxxd the news.


i) He xxx never xxxxen a bike before.


j) They xxxx always xxxxn each other.


k) You haxx xxxxt too much time xx this.


l) I have never xxxh sxxx a thing.


4) About Irregular Verbs, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I have seen that movie. ( Have…)

Have you seen that movie?


b) They have been to Paris. ( Where...)


c) She has met the President. ( Who...)


d) We have eaten sushi. ( What...)


e) He has read the book. ( What...)


f) I have heard that song. ( Have...)


g) They have gone to the concert. ( Where...)


h) She has bought a dress. ( What...)


i) We have traveled to Spain. ( Where...)


j) I have sung at the event. ( Where...)


k) He has driven the car. ( What...)


Well done on completing these tasks! Remember, the key to mastering irregular verbs is repetition and practical application.

Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t get everything right the first time; even native speakers sometimes grapple with them.

Revisit these activities periodically, and soon, you’ll find yourself using them with confidence and ease. Keep practicing, stay curious, and always strive for progress over perfection. Happy learning!


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