At the Airport Vocabulary Exercises

english at the airport vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we’re diving into a crucial aspect of traveling, a topic that’s particularly relevant if you ever plan to explore the world or engage in international business.

English is widely spoken at airports worldwide, and being proficient in airport vocabulary can greatly enhance your travel experience.

In the following exercises, we’ll explore phrases, words, and situations you might encounter “At the Airport”.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie setting out on your first adventure, mastering this vocabulary is essential for a smooth journey. Let’s embark on this linguistic flight together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – At the Airport Vocabulary


a) boarding / my / where / is / pass?

Where is my boarding pass?


b) have / baggage? / Do / you / declared / any


c) gate / the / number? / is / What


d) I / need / passport / my / show / to / do / ?


e) flight / your / delayed / unfortunately, / is


f) announcement / please / the / listen / to


g) luggage / my / can / where / I / collect / ?


h) a / have / layover / long / I


i) the / is / there / free / Wi-Fi / in / airport / ?


j) at / terminal / you / are / which / ?


k) take-off / is / when / ?


l) land / we / will / when / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – At the Airport Vocabulary


a) My flights has being canceled.

My flight has been cancelled.


b) How many luggages can I bring?


c) There're a issue with mine ticket.


d) I'm go through securities check.


e) The airplane are bording now.


f) Mine fligth land on Terminal 2.


g) I needs an window seat.


h) The airport have tree terminal.


i) How many bagages I can check-in?


j) Where's the exits gathe?


k) I'll picky my baggs up from carousell three.


l) It's my fisrt times fliyng.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I nxxx to go to xxx check-in xxxxxer.

I need to go to the check-in counter.


b) Please place your xxxx on the xxxxxyor xxxt for inspection.


c) My flight nxxxxx xx DL305.


d) The xxxxlane will be boxxxxxg at gate 5.


e) Can you direct me to the dxxxxxxre xxxxge?


f) My baggage is xxxx the wxxxxx limit.


g) After lanxxxx, I'll go to xxxxxge claim.


h) Do I need to xxx any xxxxss fees?


i) My seat xxxxxx is 14A.


j) I prefer xx xxxle seat.


k) My xxxxxcting flight is from txxxxxxx 3.


l) The pxxxx announced a xxghx xxxxxlence ahead.


4) About At the Airport Vocabulary, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) My flight is at 2:30 pm. (When…)

When is your flight?


b) I'm flying to Paris. (Where...)


c) I have one carry-on bag. (How...)


d) I booked my flight online. (How...)


e) It's an emergency exit row. (What...)


f) The flight duration is 6 hours. (How...)


g) I'm waiting for my boarding call. (What...)


h) The check-in counter is on the left. (Where...)


i) I bought a duty-free perfume. (What...)


j) I need to declare some items. (What...)


k) I'm traveling for business. (Why...)


l) The flight was smooth. (How...)


Well done! By completing these activities, you’ve taken a significant step towards confidently navigating through airports using the English language. Remember, practice makes perfect.

The more you familiarize yourself with these phrases and terms, the more naturally they’ll come to you when needed. As your English teacher, I encourage you to revisit these exercises and practice in real-life situations.

Whether you’re booking a flight, heading to a new destination, or simply watching movies related to travel, keep an ear out for the terms we’ve covered. Safe travels, and always keep learning!


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