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english do does did exercises

Hello there! Today we’re going to be focusing on three very important words in English grammar – Do, Does, and Did.

They’re commonly used to form questions and negatives in English, so understanding how to use them correctly is crucial for clear and accurate communication.

You’ll see from our exercises today how these words can change the meaning of a sentence dramatically. So, let’s dive into some engaging activities, which will help you understand these words better.

We will cover four types of exercises: arranging sentences, fixing errors, practicing vocabulary, and question-making.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Do, Does, and Did


a) you / xxx / coffee / like / ? – (present)

Do you like coffee?


b) he / music / xxx / classical / like / ? - (present)


c) breakfast / I / xxx / make / morning / this - (past)


d) work / xxx / finish / your / you / yesterday / ? - (past)


e) a / xxx / have / she / brother / ? - (present)


f) to / we / school / yesterday / go / xxx / ? - (past)


g) she / coffee / black / like / xxx / her / ? - (present)


h) soccer / xxx / they / play / ? - (present)


i) he / home / from / xxx / come / school / ? - (past)


j) vegetables / you / xxx / eat / ? - (present)


k) she / leave / xxx / the / party / early / ? - (past)


l) play / xxx / he / piano / the / ? - (present)


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Do, Does, and Did Exercises


a) Your does play soccer. (present)

You do play soccer.


b) Does they goes to the mall yesterday? (past)


c) Do she likes ice cream? (present)


d) He don't have an cat. (present)


e) They does no live here. (present)


f) I doesn't like sppinach. (present)


g) Does you likes swimming? (present)


h) She do not cooki dinner. (present)


i) Do you went to the party? (past)


j) Does he plays basketball? (present)


k) I does not cooked dineer. (past)


l) Does we likes the movie? (present)


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) Do you xxxx to xxxnk coffee in the mxxxing?

Do you like to drink coffee in the morning?


b) xxxx he like to play the xxxtar?


c) I xx not want to xx to the bexxx today.


d) They xx not like xxxxr food.


e) xxx you go to school yexxxxxxx?


f) She xxxx not wxxt to haxx a cat.


g) We xx like to xxxy football.


h) xxxx she read books in xxx free tixx?


i) He xxx not xx to xxrk yesterday.


j) xx you xxxx to xxxch TV?


k) They xxx not wxxx to eat Chxxxxe food.


l) xxx he xx to the xxxket?


4) About English Do, Does, and Did, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Yes, I do like chocolate.

Do you like chocolate?


b) No, they did not go to the party.


c) Yes, she does have a cat.


d) No, I did not eat breakfast.


e) Yes, we do want to watch the movie.


f) No, he does not play soccer.


g) Yes, they did study for the test.


h) No, I do not like spinach.


i) Yes, she does read books in her free time.


j) No, they did not travel last summer.


k) Yes, you do need a ticket to enter.


l) No, he did not finish his homework.


Well done! You’ve made it to the end of our exercises on Do, Does, and Did. Hopefully, these activities have helped you get a firmer grasp on how and when to use these words in your sentences.

Remember, consistent practice is key when it comes to mastering any aspect of language. So, keep practicing these concepts, and soon you’ll find it easier to formulate your own sentences and questions.

If you ever find yourself unsure about something, don’t hesitate to review these quizzes a few more times. Keep up the good work and keep learning!


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