Days of the Week English Exercises

english days of the week exercises

Hello dear student, as we progress in our journey of mastering the English language, we’re going to delve into an essential area: the days of the week.

Much like the building blocks we’ve explored in previous lessons, understanding and utilizing the days effectively will enhance both your spoken and written English.

The activities below are designed to not only test your knowledge but to also help you integrate these terms into your everyday vocabulary. Remember, consistent practice is the key, so let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Days of the Week


a) go / I / gym / the / to / Friday / on

I go to the gym on Friday.


b) Sunday / is / the / weekend / part / of


c) Monday / on / starts / school


d) Saturday / on / do / you / work / ?


e) Wednesday / on / we / have / a / meeting


f) her / I / on / Thursday / visit / grandmother


g) Tuesday / after / Monday / is


h) on / is / birthday / his / Friday


i) movies / we / the / go / to / on / Saturday


j) you / do / go / Sunday / church / on / to


k) always / they / on / rest / Sunday


l) is / today / what / day / the / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Days of the Week Exercises


a) I goes to the park Sundays.

I go to the park on Sundays.


b) She do her shoping on Saturday.


c) They works at Tuesday.


d) On Weenesday, we has a test.


e) He play football on Thurdays.


f) On Fridays, she go for the movies.


g) Monday is the day when they goes the gym.


h) I don't work in the Saturdays.


i) They goes the church at Sundays.


j) She have a day off of Monday.


k) He do him laundry on Tuesday.


l) On Thurday, we goes to beach.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) The day xxter Sunday is xxxxxx.

The day after Sunday is Monday.


b) I always have a day off on Saxxxxxx.


c) She prefers to study on Wexxxxxxx evenings.


d) We play tennis every Fxxxxx morning.


e) Their favorite day of the week is Thxxxxxx.


f) They always go out for dinner on Saxxxxxx.


g) I never work on Sxxxxx.


h) He visits his grandparents every xuxxxx.


i) Our team has matches every xxtxxxxx afternoon.


j) The office is closed on xxnxxx.


k) She goes to the gym on Txxxxxx and Txxxxxxx.


l) The best TV shows air on Fxxxxx nights.


4) Days of the Week Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I will go shopping on Saturday. ( When…)

When will you go shopping?


b) They have a meeting on Monday. ( When...)


c) She visits her aunt on Wednesday. ( Which d...)


d) He has his birthday party on Friday. ( When...)


e) We will have a picnic on Sunday. ( What w...)


f) They play soccer on Thursdays. ( When...)


g) The museum is closed on Tuesdays. ( Which d...)


h) She goes to yoga class on Monday and Wednesday. ( When...)


i) The concert is on Saturday night. ( When...)


j) The shop offers discounts on Tuesdays. ( Which d...)


k) He has an exam on Thursday. ( When...)


l) They go to the beach every Sunday. ( When...)


Well done on completing the exercises on the days of the week! It’s essential to have a robust understanding of these terms, as they are foundational in scheduling, planning, and everyday conversation.

As you move forward, ensure you practice using them in your daily interactions and writings. Remember, English, like any language, is best learned when lived.

Keep up the enthusiasm, and soon enough, you’ll find these terms coming to you naturally. On to the next lesson, and always stay curious!


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