4 English Exercises for Kids

english exercises for kids

Hello kids! English is a beautiful and fun language, and the best way to understand and enjoy it is through practice, so today I’ve prepared a set of English exercises just for you.

These activities will help you arrange sentences correctly, identify and correct grammatical mistakes, enhance your vocabulary, and test your understanding by formulating questions for given answers.

So, let’s dive into this learning adventure and see how well you can do!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Activities for Kids


a) cat / a / I / have

I have a cat.


b) they / school / to / go


c) likes / my / ice cream / brother


d) playground / we / the / go / to


e) is / color / blue / favorite / my


f) do / breakfast / eat / you / for / what / ?


g) likes / she / to / sing


h) have / toys / many / you / do / ?


i) have / I / a / teddy / bear


j) there / house / is / a / behind / tree / the


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Activities for Kids


a) I has a kite.

I have a kite.


b) She play with dols.


c) They goes for the park.


d) My dog have an ball.


e) He like chocollate.


f) They is mine friends.


g) She don't likes apples.


h) My cat chase the mause.


i) He can to sings very well.


j) They likes runn in the park.


k) I am playng with mine toys.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) My favorite axxxxx is the xxon.

My favorite animal is the lion.


b) I like to xxxx a bike.


c) She has a xxxk drxxx.


d) There xxx five xppxxx in the box.


e) We xx to xxxoox to learn.


f) He plays xxxh a xxxot toy.


g) I eat xxxeax for bxxxxxast.


h) The sun is xxxxht in the xxy.


i) She wears a hat xx her xxxx.


j) We have a xxt xxg that xxrks.


k) My brother loves to xxxx xxxxc books.


4) Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I like strawberries. ( What…)

What do you like?


b) My name is Lily. ( What...)


c) I have two brothers. ( How...)


d) We go to the zoo on weekends. ( Where...)


e) She reads books at night. ( When...)


f) The cat is on the table. ( Where...)


g) He plays football in the park. ( Where...)


h) They eat ice cream in summer. ( When...)


i) She has a pencil in her bag. ( What...)


j) My favorite color is blue. ( What...)


k) We visit our grandparents on Sundays. ( Who...)


l) He watches cartoons in the morning. ( What...)


Well done! I hope you found these exercises for kids both challenging and enjoyable. Remember, practice makes perfect, so the more you immerse yourself in these activities, the better your English will become.

Keep up the enthusiasm, and always be curious. English isn’t just about grammar and vocabulary; it’s about expressing your thoughts and understanding others. See you in our next lesson, and until then, happy learning!


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