Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises

english direct and indirect speech exercises

Hello dear student! Mastery of direct and indirect speech is essential in understanding and effectively communicating in English.

It not only provides clarity when conveying messages but also adds depth to our language use, especially when relaying past conversations or reports.

In today’s lesson, we will delve into exercises designed to enhance your grasp of direct and indirect speech.

By arranging sentences, rectifying grammatical mistakes, and formulating questions, you will polish your skills and become more proficient in this aspect of English. Let’s dive in!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Direct and Indirect Speech


a) said / ” / I / love / she / chocolate / “

She said, “I love chocolate.”


b) ' / he / I / am / me, / working / tomorrow. / ' / told


c) 'We / visit / Paris / ' / they / promised, / will


d) 'Do / go / you / to / to / movies? / the / ' / she / asked / want


e) announced / 'We / the / winner / !' / are / they


f) 'I / the / letter / ' / he / said, / wrote


g) ' / you / the / hear / news? / ' / she / asked / Did


h) is / friend. / , / ' / claimed / He / 'She / my


i) ' / called / yesterday / ,' / She / said / him / I


j) !' / the / game / exclaimed / She / won / , 'They


k) ' / was / secret / ,' / whispered / it / he / a


l) she / 'You / careful / should / ,' / advised / be


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises


a) She say, “I goes on the park.”

She said, “I go to the park.”


b) He said that he don't likes pizza.


c) 'Where are she going?' asked the John.


d) 'I can plays the guittar,' he said.


e) She told that she is coming.


f) 'Did you seen the movie?' her asked.


g) 'I am having a pen,' he declared.


h) She say she love chocolate.


i) 'I did no knew about it,' he said.


j) 'Where do she lives?' he inquired.


k) She said, 'I can to sings well.'


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) He xxid, “I am gxxxg to the xxxcert.”

He said, “I am going to the concert.”


b) She told me she wxxxed to xxxxt Paris next summer.


c) 'I xxe the cake,' John conxxxxxd.


d) Mary sxxd that she xxx always wanted to bxxxxx a doctor.


e) 'It’s gxxxx to rain,' he xxxd.


f) They exclaimed, 'This is the bxxx film we’ve xxxx!'


g) 'I don’t xxxx her number,' he rexxxxd.


h) She whxxxxxed, 'I think he xxx a secret.'


i) He said, 'I xxw her yesterday xx xxx market.'


j) 'Xx brother xoxxx to play guitar,' she mexxxxxed.


k) She said, 'I’m wxxxxxd about the exam xxxxxxs.'


l) 'I xixx be xxxxnding the meeting,' he xxxxxmed.


4) About Direct and Indirect Speech, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) He said, “I will come.”

What did he say?


b) 'I am feeling sick,' she said. ( How... )


c) 'We have finished the project,' they announced. ( What... )


d) She said that she didn't steal the cookies. ( What... )


e) 'You look beautiful in that dress,' he complimented. ( What... )


f) 'I am moving to New York next month,' he told. ( Where... )


g) She said, 'I can't come to the party'. ( What... )


h) 'We watched the movie last night,' they shared. ( When... )


i) He said, 'She is my sister'. ( Who... )


j) 'I will bring the book tomorrow,' she promised. ( What... )


k) 'You are late,' he observed. ( What... )


l) She said, 'I read the news'. ( What... )


Well done on completing these exercises on direct and indirect speech! Remember, practice is key in mastering any language aspect.

Revisiting such exercises regularly will ensure that you internalize the concepts and apply them effortlessly in real-life situations.

Always pay attention to the context and the tense changes that often come with indirect speech. Keep up the great work, and always strive for continuous improvement in your English journey!


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