Passive Voice English Exercises

english passive voice exercises

Today, we’re going to delve deep into an essential grammatical structure: the English Passive Voice.

This voice is pivotal for various reasons, especially when the action is more important than the actor or when we don’t know the actor.

Throughout these exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your understanding, correct common mistakes, practice vocabulary related to the passive voice, and learn to frame relevant questions.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Passive Voice


a) was / by / the / the / stolen / painting / thief

The painting was stolen by the thief.


b) made / in / These / shoes / Italy / are


c) will / The / by / be / the / cleaned / room / maid


d) children / were / the / sold / by / candies / the


e) being / the / currently / repaired / car / is


f) will / concert / by / be / attended / fans / many / the


g) by / written / the / were / letters / secretary / the


h) built / the / the / being / is / workers / bridge / by


i) house / the / by / was / damaged / the / storm


j) committee / been / by / the / has / accepted / proposal / the


k) sung / was / by / the / song / Taylor / Swift


l) read / book / by / is / the / being / students / the


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Passive Voice


a) The cacke were bake by her.

The cake was baked by her.


b) The book were writen by J.K. Rowling.


c) The flowers was watering by the gardener.


d) The report are being prepared to by John.


e) The song were sing by an famous artist.


f) The house was panted by them.


g) The meal was cooke by chef.


h) The movie are being watch by the children.


i) The letter was wrote by mine grandmother.


j) The lesson are taugth by Mr. Smith.


k) The presenttation was gave by the manage.


l) The city are being visit by much tourist.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) The message wxx delxxxxxd by txx courier.

The message was delivered by the courier.


b) The building xxx xxxxgned xx a famous architect.


c) This song xxs xxxg by Madonna.


d) The cake wxx xxxed by Mary for the xxxty.


e) The car xx being repxxxxx xx the garage.


f) The spxxxh was gixxx xx the president.


g) The film was dxxxxxed xx Steven Spielberg.


h) The flowers xxx watered xx xxx gardener xxxry day.


i) The museum xx visited xx txxxxxnds of tourists.


j) The news xxx broadcasted xx xxxxxxal television.


k) The letter xxx xxxttxx by xx father.


l) The clothes xxx being xxxxxred xxx the fashion show.


4) About English Passive Voice, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) The movie was directed by Christopher Nolan. ( Who…)

Who directed the movie?


b) The painting was sold for a million dollars. ( How much...)


c) The documents were signed by the CEO. ( Who...)


d) The ball was thrown by the player. ( Who...)


e) The house was built in 1950. ( When...)


f) The meal was cooked by Chef Ramsey. ( Who...)


g) The song was composed by Beethoven. ( Who...)


h) The jewels were stolen from the museum. ( Where...)


i) The book was published in 2005. ( When...)


j) The event was organized by the community. ( Who...)


k) The dress was made in France. ( Where...)


l) The car was repaired by the mechanic. ( Who...)


Having worked through these activities, you’re now better equipped to understand and use the English Passive Voice effectively.

Remember, practice is the key. Always be attentive to real-life examples around you, whether in books, on TV, or during conversations.

The passive voice can seem intricate initially, but with consistent practice, it will become second nature to you. Keep up the excellent work and always strive to enhance your English skills!


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