How Many and How Much Exercises

english how many how much exercises

Hello dear student! Embarking on the journey to mastering a language is much like assembling a puzzle; it’s all about putting the right pieces in the right places.

One of the foundational aspects of the English language revolves around the concepts of “How many” and “How much.” These seemingly simple pieces of phrases can indeed be quite tricky, but with diligent practice you’ll soon grasp them with ease.

Today, I’ve prepared a series of exercises that will allow you to explore these concepts, understand their application, and fine-tune your skills. Let’s dive into these tasks and watch as your English proficiency grows stronger with each challenge.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – How many & How much


a) have / pencils / many / you / do / how / ?

How many pencils do you have?


b) is / tea / how / much / in / sugar / the / ?


c) many / how / in / apples / are / basket / the / ?


d) much / do / need / you / how / money / ?


e) is / milk / in / much / how / fridge / the / ?


f) are / how / in / many / students / class / the / ?


g) don't / we / have / money / much


h) books / she / many / does / have / how / ?


i) the / are / much / cars / how / the / parking / in / lot / ?


j) many / have / do / kittens / how / they / ?


k) have / much / water / you / do / how / left / ?


l) in / the / are / many / how / students / school / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – How many & How much Exercises


a) How much apple do you have?

How many apples do you have?


b) How many sugar is on the coffee?


c) How much book are in the shelf?


d) How many millk do you want?


e) How much egg is in the basket?


f) How many informations do you have?


g) She don't has many friends.


h) How much chairs is it in the room?


i) How many time we have?


j) How many fluor do you need for the cacke?


k) They doesn't has much money.


l) How many rice did you cooked?


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) How xxxx apples do xxx have?

How many apples do you have?


b) How xxxx xxxxr did you drink?


c) How xxxx xooxx are in your bag?


d) How xxxx mxxxx is left in your wallet?


e) How xxxx sibxxxxx does she have?


f) How xxxx xxxxr do we need for the recipe?


g) How xxxx gxxxxx are attending the party?


h) How xxxx txxx do they have left?


i) How xxxx exxx did he eat for breakfast?


j) How xxxx sxxx does the soup need?


k) How xxxx pxxxxxx are in the team?


l) How xxxx efxxxx did it take to finish?


m) How xxxx xxxxes have you watched this week?


4) English “How many & How much” Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) I have 10 books. ( How many…)

How many books do you have?


b) There is a lot of sugar in my tea. ( How much...)


c) I don't have many friends in the city. ( How many...)


d) We need $50. ( How much...)


e) He has 5 pencils. ( How many...)


f) They don't have much time. ( How much...)


g) She has a lot of dolls. ( How many...)


h) There isn't much milk in the fridge. ( How much...)


i) I have few cookies left. ( How many...)


j) There's a lot of traffic today. ( How much...)


k) They have 3 cars. ( How many...)


l) We have a lot of assignments. ( How many...)


Well done! The journey to fluency is a marathon, not a sprint. The exercises you tackled today form a small but significant part of the bigger picture.

By practicing these “How many” and “How much” structures, you’ve taken another step toward expressing yourself more naturally and correctly.

Keep this momentum going! Review your answers, learn from any mistakes, and always stay curious. I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Until our next lesson, happy studying!


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