Family Members Exercises

english family members exercises

Hello dear student! As we embark on the journey of understanding and using the vocabulary related to family members in English, it’s crucial to get hands-on practice.

This set of exercises has been curated to ensure that you grasp the various terms and their usages effectively. Family is a universal concept, and understanding how to communicate about our families in English is both enriching and practical.

Let’s dive into these activities and see how well you can navigate the relationships in English.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Family Members Vocabulary


a) brother / younger / have / a / I

I have a younger brother.


b) twins / they / are / ?


c) the / sister / older / she / is / ?


d) children / have / two / we


e) father / your / who / is / ?


f) cousins / many / you / have / how / do / ?


g) grandparents / am / my / visiting / I


h) are / you / daughter / whose / ?


i) aunt / favorite / my / is / Jane


j) uncle / married / got / my / recently


k) parents / in / my / live / London


l) nieces / have / three / I


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Family Members Exercises


a) My siste is olderst than I.

My sister is older than I.


b) He have a young brothe.


c) She is mother mine.


d) Their cosins lives in Australia.


e) Your are my bests friend’s sister.


f) That is he grand father.


g) They has one children.


h) My uncle names is Robert.


i) Her aunty are a doctor.


j) My brother and I is twinn.


k) I love mine granparents.


l) Whose childrens are thoses?


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) My father’s xxxxxx is my xxnt.

My father’s sister is my aunt.


b) I have two xxxxxxxx: a brother and a xxxxxx.


c) My mother's mother is my xxxxxxxxxxx.


d) My sxxxxx's son is my xxxxew.


e) Her cxxxxx is getting mxxxxxx next month.


f) My bxxxxxx’s children are my xxxxxx and xxxxxxx.


g) My sxx's daughter is my xxxxxxxxxxxxx.


h) He is an oxxx child, he doesn’t have any xxxxxxxs.


i) Her uxxxx is a firefighter.


j) They are bxxxxxx and sxxxxx.


k) The children of my axxx are my first xxxxxxs.


l) My sister’s xxxxxxx is my xxxxxxr-in-law.


4) Family Members Vocabulary Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) She is my aunt. ( Who… ..u?)

Who is she to you?


b) My grandmother was born in 1930. ( When...)


c) My brother lives in New York. ( Where...)


d) I have two siblings. ( How...)


e) He is my father's brother. ( Who... ..tion ..her?)


f) Yes, they are twins. ( Are...)


g) My niece is 5 years old. ( How...)


h) My uncle and aunt live in Paris. ( Where...


i) She is my cousin's daughter. ( Who... ..tion ..usin?)


j) He is my stepfather. ( Who...


k) They are my grandparents. ( Who... .. you?)


l) My sister-in-law is a teacher. ( What... ..ssion?)


Well done on completing these exercises on family members vocabulary! I hope these activities have given you a clearer understanding of how to articulate and differentiate between various family relationships in English.

Remember, consistent practice is key to mastering any language. Revisit these tests whenever you feel the need for a refresher. Keep practicing, stay curious, and always strive to expand your linguistic horizons. You’re making great progress!


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