Written Numbers 81 to 100 Exercises

english written numbers 81 to 100 exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we will be practicing some very important aspects of English language: written numbers, sentence order, and grammatical accuracy. Specifically, we will focus on the numbers 81 to 100.

It is crucial to have a good understanding and command over these numbers as they are used frequently in our daily lives.

We will start with activities that will help you arrange words to form meaningful sentences, followed by exercises that will help you spot and correct grammatical errors.

Then, we will move on to practicing your vocabulary by completing sentences, and finally, we will work on formulating questions. Let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Numbers 81 to 100


a) eighty / my / is / house / number / three

My house number is eighty-three.


b) basket / are / apples / ninety / there / in / the


c) has / eighty / he / pages / book / eight / a / with


d) cost / cost / hundred / did / dollars. / how / it / it / one / much / ?


e) are / there / five / children / in / ninety / school / the


f) one / have / hundred / I / stamps


g) are / the / miles / hundred / destination / to / one / there


h) she / one / scored / marks / ninety / out / hundred / of


i) has / ninety / a / he / collection / of / three / coins


j) eighty / are / students / there / in / seven / the / class


k) the / has / one / temperature / dropped / to / degrees / hundred


l) five / we / need / liters / eighty / of / water


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Written Numbers 81 to 100


a) There is ninet children at the class.

There are ninety children in the class.


b) I have eighy one stamp.


c) She scored ninty marks out of hundrad.


d) He has a collection of hundread coins.


e) There is one hundread milles to the destination.


f) My house number are eighty tree.


g) The temperature have droped to one hundrad degress.


h) There are ninty fives aples on the basket.


i) We need eigthy five liter of watter.


j) How many did it cost? It costs one hundrads dollars.


k) He has an book with eigthy eigth page.


l) There is eigthy seven student on the class.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I have _______ (89) pages left to xxxx in my book.

I have eighty-nine pages left to read in my book.


b) There are _______ (100) students in the xxxxol.


c) The bakery sells _______ (92) different types of xxxxd.


d) My grandmother is _______ (84) xxxxx old.


e) The movie xxxxxd _______ (95) minutes.


f) The xxxxxxy has _______ (100) books.


g) The store is _______ (86) miles xxxx from my house.


h) There are _______ (90) days in 3 xxxxxs.


i) The pxxxx will land in _______ (95) minutes.


j) I need _______ (82) lxxxxx of water for the recipe.


k) The marathon is _______ (89) kixxxxxxxx long.


4) Numbers 81 to 100 Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) I have eighty-five stamps. ( How many…)

How many stamps do you have?


b) There are one hundred children in the school. ( How many...)


c) She is ninety years old. ( How old...)


d) The movie lasts one ninety-one minutes. ( How long...)


e) I need eighty-two liters of water. ( How much...)


f) There are ninety-two different types of bread in the bakery. ( How many...)


g) The store is eighty-six miles away from my house. ( How far...)


h) The plane will land in ninety minutes. ( When...)


i) I have a collection of ninety-four coins. ( How many...)


j) The marathon is ninety-seven kilometers long. ( How long...)


You have practiced arranging sentences, correcting grammatical errors, completing sentences with appropriate numbers, and formulating questions.

These exercises are designed to help you get comfortable with using the numbers 81 to 100 in various contexts. Remember, practice is key to mastering any language.

Continue to practice these exercises and incorporate these numbers into your daily conversations and writings. Keep up the good work, and always strive to improve. Well done!


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