Written Numbers 51 to 80 Exercises

english written numbers 51 to 80 exercises

We are about to embark on a journey to improve your skills in understanding and using written numbers from 51 to 80.

This is a critical skill not just for everyday activities like shopping or telling the time, but also as a foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts.

The activities have been designed to help you practice reading, writing, and understanding these numbers in a variety of contexts. Remember, practice and repetition are key to mastering any new skill. Let’s get started!


practice English


1) Put the Numbers in Correct Order – Written Numbers 51 to 80


a) fifty / one / is / after / fifty

Fifty-one is after fifty.


b) sixty / before / is / sixty / one


c) five / is / after / seventy / seventy / four


d) eighty / is / the / number / last


e) before / is / seventy / seventy / three / two


f) after / fifty / five / is / fifty / four


g) nine / is / before / seventy / sixty


h) ten / is / eighty / times / eight


i) is / seven / seventy / times / ten


j) sixty / is / sixty / four / five / after


k) nine / eight / is / before / fifty / fifty


l) seventy / is / seventy / five / six / after


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Written Numbers 51 to 80


a) Fifty-too is before fifty three.

Fifty two is before fifty-three.


b) Seventy-for is after seventy-tree.


c) Sixty tree is before sixt-four.


d) Fifty-sixy is after fift-five.


e) Seventy-eigt is before seventy nine.


f) Sixty-ones are after sixty.


g) Seventy-too is after sevent-one.


h) Eigty is eight time tens.


i) Sixty-fife is before sixty six.


j) Fift-nine is after fift-eigth.


k) Sevent-sevem is before sevent-eight.


l) Sixty-too is after sixty-ones.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) The number after fifty-xxxr is fifty ___.

The number after fifty-four is fifty-five.


b) ____ is ten xxxes seven.


c) Sixty-eight is xxxxre sixty ____.


d) The number xxxer seventy-seven is seventy ____.


e) Fifty-six is before ____.


f) Eighty is the last xxxxer in the range fifty-one to ____.


g) Seventy-three is after ____.


h) Sixty-four is before ____.


i) The number before seventy-six is ____.


j) Fifty-nine is after ____.


k) The number after sixty-one is ____.


l) Seventy-nine is before ____.


4) Written Numbers 51 to 80 Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) The number after fifty-seven is fifty-eight. ( What…)

What is the number after fifty-seven?


b) Sixty-six is before sixty-seven. ( What...)


c) Seventy-one is after seventy. ( What...)


d) Eighty is ten times eight. ( What...)


e) Fifty-three is before fifty-four. ( What...)


f) Sixty-nine is after sixty-eight. ( What...)


g) Seventy-four is before seventy-five. ( What...)


h) The number before fifty-two is fifty-one. ( What...)


i) Sixty is before sixty-one. ( What...)


j) Seventy eight is after seventy-seven. ( What...)


k) The number after fifty-five is fifty-six. ( What...)


l) The number before eighty is seventy-nine. ( What...)


Well done on completing these activities! You have taken another important step towards mastering the English language and improving your mathematical skills.

Remember, it is important to keep practicing regularly and try to use these numbers in your daily life as much as possible.

The more you practice, the more natural it will become. Keep up the good work and continue to challenge yourself with new learning opportunities. You are doing great!


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