4 Past Perfect Exercises

english past perfect exercises

Hello dear student! Today, we’re delving deep into one of the more nuanced areas of English grammar: the Past Perfect tense.

This tense is used to describe an action that took place before another past action. Understanding this tense is crucial for mastering complex storytelling and expressing sequences of events in the past.

To help you better grasp this concept, I’ve prepared several activities, ranging from sentence arrangement to error identification. Let’s get started and unravel the intricacies of the Past Perfect together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Past Perfect


a) already / when / I / she / arrived / had / left

I had already left when she arrived.


b) the / it / before / movie / she / seen / had / started


c) before / I / the / had / news / heard / it / announced / was


d) started / had / they / before / we / already / arrived


e) you / before / met / had / I / moved / ?


f) had / she / they / met / before / came / them / ?


g) before / you / the / had / done / deadline / it / ?


h) they / before / had / the / seen / event / it / ?


i) had / he / before / I / eaten / arrived / ?


j) the / they / job / finished / had / before / the / weekend


k) the / had / received / award / she / before / ?


l) the / he / had / seen / before / show / you / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Past Perfect Exercises


a) I had saw that movie.

I had seen to that movie.


b) They had went before the rainn.


c) She had ate the cacke.


d) Before I had spoke to his before.


e) We had did the job.


f) She had wrote the lettre.


g) They is had knew him.


h) We had ran at the race.


i) He had to drove the car.


j) They had drank the juyce.


k) She had swim the pool.


l) I had buy the tickett.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I had xxx the xxock befxxx the alarm raxx.

I had set the clock before the alarm rang.


b) They had xxxx the movie xxxxxx it xxxame popular.


c) We had xxxxshed the assignment before the teacher chexxxx xx in.


d) She had xxxt her wallet xxxxre she lxxx the restaurant.


e) Before the concert xxxan, I had xxxxed to eat xxxxxxing.


f) They had xxxxr xeex to Europe xxxore xxxx summer.


g) Before I xxex the truth, I had xxxieved xxr version of the sxxxx.


h) By the xxxe he xxxxved, everyone had xexx.


i) The cat had xxxxxhed its food xxxxre it xxxx to sleep.


j) We had xxxght a car xxxxre we moved xx the countryside.


k) He xxx never xxxxx sushi before that nixxx.


l) Before the interview, she xxx xxxxxxched about the company.


4) About Past Perfect, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I had studied the night before. (When…)

When had you studied?


b) They had gone to the beach.


c) She had cleaned the house by noon.


d) He had visited Paris in 2010.


e) We had done our homework before dinner.


f) You had seen the movie three times.


g) She had written three novels by the age of 30.


h) I had met him once before the party.


i) They had traveled to Spain and Italy before settling in France.


j) We had cooked dinner before the guests arrived.


k) He had never heard that song.


l) She had already left when I called.


Well done for making it through today’s Past Perfect exercises! Remember, practice is the key to mastering any grammatical structure.

The more you familiarize yourself with this tense and its usage, the more natural it’ll feel when both writing and speaking. Don’t hesitate to revisit these activities or create your own examples to reinforce your learning. Happy studying!


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