4 Prepositions of Movement Exercises

english prepositions of movement exercises

Hello dear student! Understanding prepositions, especially those related to movement, is a crucial component of mastering English.

These small words can change the meaning of a sentence and are fundamental for expressing direction, location, and distance. Today, I’ve prepared a set of activities to help you grasp the concept of “Prepositions of Movement”.

By the end of these exercises, you’ll be more confident in your ability to use them accurately in your everyday conversations.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Prepositions of Movement


a) through / I / walked / the / park

I walked through the park.


b) to / went / she / school


c) climbed / they / up / mountain / the


d) over / jumped / the / he / fence


e) ran / the / she / street / across


f) through / tunnel / drove / they / the


g) down / rolled / hill / the / ball / the


h) flew / the / bird / forest / into / the


i) swam / river / they / across / the


j) along / road / she / walked / the


k) off / he / the / jumped / platform


l) on / put / table / she / it / the


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Prepositions of Movement Exercises


a) I go to in the park.

I go to the park.


b) They ran acros to the road.


c) He jumpped oveer the fence.


d) She welkad alonng in the road.


e) The cat climbad up to the three.


f) They swan acrross the river.


g) He putt the book into the table.


h) She wennt the to schooll.


i) The birrd flew in to the nesty.


j) I walked allong to the street.


k) They drove throuhg on the tunel.


l) He jumped of in the bridge.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I walked xxxr the bxxxge.

I walked over the bridge.


b) She pxx the letter xxxo the envelope.


c) The xxds ran xxxn the hall.


d) The xxxplane flew txxxxxh the clouds.


e) We drove axxxx the xxast.


f) He climbed xx xxx ladder.


g) The fxxxx swam xx the stream.


h) She xxxped xxxx the puddle.


i) They saxxxx xxxxss the bay.


j) We went xx the xxxxator.


k) The squirrel xax xx the tree xxunk.


l) The bxxx rolled xxwx the slope.


4) About Prepositions of Movement, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) He went into the house. (Where…)

Where did he go?


b) She ran across the street. (Where...)


c) They climbed up the mountain. (Which d...)


d) The car drove through the tunnel. (Where...)


e) I jumped over the fence. (What...)


f) We walked along the river. (Where...)


g) She put the toy into the box. (Where...)


h) They flew over the city. (What...)


i) I swam across the pool. (Where...)


j) He walked down the stairs. (Which direction...)


k) We ran up the hill. (Which direction...)


l) She sailed across the ocean. (Where...)


Well done on completing these activities! Remember, learning prepositions and their correct usage can significantly improve your fluency and comprehension in English.

Whenever you read a book, watch a movie, or have a conversation in English, try to notice how prepositions of movement are used.

This real-life exposure, combined with practice exercises like these, will solidify your understanding. Keep up the great work, and always strive for improvement. Happy learning!


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