Modal Verbs Exercises

english modal verbs exercises

Today, we are going to delve into a fascinating area of the English language. Modal verbs are special verbs that express possibility, obligation, or permission.

They are an essential part of conveying meanings in various contexts and are an integral part of the English language.

In the upcoming activities, we’ll be exploring sentence formation, correction of common errors, vocabulary exercises, and formulating questions related to modal verbs.

By engaging in these quizzes, you will not only improve your grasp of modal verbs but also enhance your overall communication skills. So, are you ready to dive in?


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Modal Verbs


a) can / dance / she / beautifully

She can dance beautifully.


b) might / we / rain / it / think / tomorrow


c) should / I / to / the / go / dentist


d) must / we / hurry / or / late / be / will / we


e) you / may / library / in / eat / not / the


f) to / be / I / able / may / come / not


g) you / drive / should / not / fast / so


h) can / I / come / to / tomorrow / work


i) must / you / this / finish / assignment


j) have / could / you / any / sugar / ?


k) to / we / should / listen / him


l) could / help / she / me / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Modal Verbs Exercises


a) She can to dances.

She can dance.


b) We migth goo the party.


c) He must to finishing his home work.


d) They don't can swim.


e) She sholud eats lees candy.


f) I can plays the guittar.


g) He don't should lie.


h) They mights be on home.


i) You cuold drives faster.


j) She musts go to shcool.


k) You no can't to come.


l) He mights has an dog.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I xxx go xx the mxxxxt if it’s open.

I can go to the market if it’s open.


b) She mxxxt not want xx xxay xo late.


c) You sxxxxd pass the texx if xxx study.


d) They xxxt be xx the party.


e) We cxxxx eat xxx the cookies.


f) He mxxxt not xx coming xx the meeting.


g) They xxxt be tired xxxxx such a xxxg day.


h) I mxxxt join xhx gym xxxx month.


i) She xxxxxx study harder for the xxxt txxt.


j) We xxxx not enter xxxxxut permission.


k) You xxxx be really gxxx xx singing.


l) It xxxx be so fun xx xxxxx around the woxxx.


m) They xxxxxd not forget to xxxl thxxx mom.


4) About Modal Verbs, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) I can play the piano. ( What…)

What can you play?


b) She must go home early. ( Where...)


c) They might come to the party. ( Who...)


d) He should eat healthier. ( What...)


e) We could travel to Spain next summer. ( When...)


f) I must finish my assignment by tomorrow. ( When...)


g) She might have some sugar. ( What...)


h) We should be at the meeting. ( Where...)


i) They can't swim. ( What...)


j) I could tell you a secret. ( What...)


k) I should study every day. ( When...)


l) He might read a book later. ( What...)


Great job on completing the activities related to modal verbs! It’s nice to see your dedication and effort.

Remember, mastering modal verbs will allow you to express nuances in meaning, giving depth to your conversations and writings.

As with every aspect of language learning, continuous practice is the key. So, don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises or to create some of your own.

Keep practicing, keep asking questions, and remember that every effort you put in takes you one step closer to fluency. Until our next lesson, happy learning!


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