4 Present Perfect Exercises

english present perfect exercises

It’s great to see you eager to learn and strengthen your understanding of the English language. Today, we will be diving deep into an essential and sometimes tricky verb tense: the Present Perfect.

This tense helps us connect the past and the present in unique ways, making it an invaluable tool for expressing experiences, changes, and actions with consequences in the present.

The activities you’ll find below have been carefully designed to reinforce your grasp of the Present Perfect tense through various exercises, ranging from sentence construction to vocabulary enhancement and comprehension.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Present Perfect


a) I / have / traveled / to / Europe / never

I have never traveled to Europe.


b) they / seen / have / the / movie / already / ?


c) she / the / news / about / heard / has / ?


d) just / we / lunch / have / had


e) you / your / met / have / favorite / artist / ?


f) several / times / he / been / to / has / China


g) lost / my / I / have / keys


h) for / been / have / waiting / you / we / hours / for


i) she / passed / has / the / exam / ?


j) to / I / the / been / have / zoo / never


k) this / tasted / you / have / cake / ?


l) book / read / this / I / have


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Present Perfect Exercises


a) I has traveled to the Canada.

I have traveled to Canada.


b) They has been to the museun.


c) She have seen that moovie.


d) Have you meet mine sister?


e) I’ve work here for tree years.


f) Has they finnished their dinner?


g) You has never tasted sushii.


h) She’s go to store.


i) They’ve knew him for an long time.


j) I’ve see to that show before.


k) Has we never been to Paris?


l) He’s has an new phone.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I xxxx traveled xx xxxy countries.

I have traveled to many countries.


b) She xxx never txxxxd sushi before.


c) We xxxe lxxxx in this city xxxxe 2005.


d) You xxxx never bxxn xx a concert.


e) He xxx always dxxx his homework xx time.


f) They hxxxxxx visited txxxr grandma sxxxx last Christmas.


g) I xxxx never seen xxxx a xxxxxiful movie.


h) She xxx worked here xxx ten xxxxs.


i) You xxxx learned txxxe xxxxxrent languages.


j) We xxxx bxxx friends xxxxx childhood.


k) They xxxx never traveled xx plxxe before.


l) I xxxx enjoyed xxx party xx much.


4) About Present Perfect, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I have visited London. ( Where…)

Where have you visited?


b) They have finished their homework. ( What...)


c) She has seen this movie three times. ( How...)


d) We have lived here since 2010. ( When...)


e) He has gone to the store. ( Where...)


f) I have met her once. ( How...)


g) They have been to Italy and Spain. ( Where...)


h) She has baked a cake. ( What...)


i) We have known each other for 5 years. ( How...)


j) I have never eaten sushi. ( What...)


k) They have read the book. ( What...)


l) She has always loved dancing. ( What...)


Well done on completing these exercises on the Present Perfect tense! Your dedication and hard work in mastering this aspect of the English language are evident.

Language learning is a continuous journey, and regular practice is key. The Present Perfect might be challenging, but with consistent effort, you’ll find it becoming easy.

Keep revisiting these activities and similar ones to cement your understanding. I’m proud of the progress you’re making, and I encourage you to keep pushing forward.

Remember, every challenge you overcome in language learning only brings you one step closer to fluency. Keep up the good work!


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