Phrasal Verbs Exercises

english phrasal verbs exercises

Hello, dear student! Navigating the English language can sometimes feel like steering a ship through stormy waters, especially when we encounter phrasal verbs.

These verbs, which combine a main verb and a particle, can change their meaning entirely based on the preposition or adverb they’re paired with.

But fear not! Just as every storm has its end, with practice and patience, phrasal verbs will soon become an integral part of your English arsenal.

In the following exercises, we will delve into the world of phrasal verbs, practicing their formation, usage, and understanding through varied activities. Let’s embark on this linguistic journey together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Phrasal Verbs


a) up / I / every / wake / at / 7am / day

I wake up every day at 7am.


b) out / you / do / work / often / ?


c) on / put / my / shoes / I


d) the / lights / turn / off / you / can / ?


e) the / to / going / they / give / are / project / up


f) time / it's / out / run / to


g) bring / can / up / the / topic / you / ?


h) after / looking / I'm / you


i) in / drop / later / I'll / on / you


j) over / you / come / can / ?


k) take / off / plane / the / is / about / to


l) did / why / break / up / they / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Phrasal Verbs


a) I take of my jakcet.

I take off my jacket.


b) She turning up the vollume.


c) We runs out off sugar.


d) He piked up his friend on the airport.


e) They doesn't want to hangout.


f) Can you gives back mine book?


g) I'n trying to cut of sugar.


h) She allways putup with his behavior.


i) They try finding out the thruth.


j) I need to turns down to the offer.


k) He are break up the pieces.


l) They wants to set up an metting.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) Xxx you please xxxx off xxx lights?

Can you please turn off the lights?


b) I don't wxxt to xxxx up our frixxxxhip.


c) He always xxxws up late xx meetings.


d) The children need to xxxm dxxn.


e) They're going to xxx out a new xxxxxurant.


f) She couldn't xxx up with his xxxxtude.


g) I'll xxxx by your house xxxxr.


h) They always xxx over their xxxxxrences.


i) We need to xxxx on the xxxxect.


j) Xxx you xxxxxx out this puzzle?


k) You should xxxxx away those xxx clothes.


l) It's hxxx to xxxx back my txxxs.


4) About Phrasal Verbs, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I turned off the TV. ( What…)

What did you turn off?


b) We are hanging out at the mall. ( Where...)


c) They will give up smoking. ( What...)


d) She is looking after her brother. ( Who...)


e) I should turn down the offer. ( What...)


f) He brought up an important issue. ( What...)


g) We're trying to work out a solution. ( What...)


h) They picked up some groceries. ( What...)


i) She's setting up a new business. ( What...)


j) I'm putting on my shoes. ( What...)


k) I need to cut out sweets. ( What...)


l) He's getting over a cold. ( What...)


Congratulations on completing these exercises! I hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding of phrasal verbs and their importance in daily English communication.

Remember, it’s perfectly normal to find them challenging at first, but with continued practice, they’ll become second nature to you.

The key is to keep revisiting them, using them in your speech and writing, and always staying curious. English, like any other skill, improves with consistent effort.

So, keep up the good work, and soon you’ll find that phrasal verbs are not just a part of the language but also a part of you! Happy studying!


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