Telling the Time Exercises

english telling the time exercises

Hello dear student! Mastering the art of telling time is an essential skill in English, and like all languages, it comes with its unique structure and vocabulary.

In the content that follows, we have carefully crafted exercises to help you understand, practice, and perfect this fundamental aspect of English.

These exercises are designed not only to challenge you but also to build your confidence in discussing and understanding time-related contexts. Remember, practice makes perfect, so let’s dive right in!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Telling the Time


a) quarter / it / is / past / seven / a

It is a quarter past seven.


b) ten / half / is / it / past


c) is / o'clock / it / three


d) to / is / quarter / it / a / eight


e) five / is / it / six / twenty / past


f) five / past / is / it / thirty


g) to / five / is / it / nine


h) is / it / what / time / ?


i) morning / the / in / you / do / wake / when / up / ?


j) is / it / midnight / or / noon / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Telling the Time Exercises


a) It is five to past sevem.

It is five past seven.


b) Is eigth oclock.


c) It is ralf past to ten.


d) It are three o’ clock.


e) It's quarter to past nine.


f) It is twellve to noon.


g) It is twenty-five minutes past tree.


h) Its nine o'clock on the evening.


i) Its half after two.


j) It is ten post the eleven.


k) It's quarter to three in after noon.


l) Are five before ten.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) It’s xxn past xxxee.

It’s ten past three.


b) At xoxx, I take my lunch bxxxx.


c) I wake up at xexxx in the mxxxxng.


d) The movie starts at eixxx o’clock in the exxxxng.


e) She goes to xxx at xxn at night.


f) We have our team meeting at xxxf xxxt xwx.


g) I usually have xxxxer at xexxx o’clock.


h) It's a quarter xx xxvx.


i) The train xxxxes at half xxxx xix.


j) My class starts xx xxnx xx the morning.


k) The store closes at xxne in the exxxxxx.


l) It's txxxtx minutes to ten.


4) Telling the Time Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) I get up at 6:30 in the morning. ( When…)

When do you get up?


b) The show starts at 9:45 in the evening. ( When...)


c) It's ten minutes to twelve. ( What...)


d) The train departs at 7:15 AM. ( When...)


e) Dinner is at 8:00 PM. ( When...)


f) The museum opens at 10:00 AM. ( When...)


g) The match finishes at 5:30 PM. ( When...)


h) She sleeps at 11:00 PM. ( When...)


i) I eat lunch at 1:00 PM. ( When...)


j) The store closes at 9:00 PM. ( When...)


k) The movie starts at 7:30 PM. ( When...)


l) He wakes up at 6:45 AM. ( When...)


As you progress in your English learning journey, understanding how to tell the time will become second nature. Remember that making mistakes is part of the learning process, and every error you make and rectify brings you one step closer to fluency.

Keep practicing, stay curious, and always seek out opportunities to use your newfound skills in real-life situations. Looking forward to our next lesson. Keep up the good work!


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