Transportation Vocabulary Exercises

english transportation vocabulary exercises

Hello dear student, today we have an exciting set of activities lined up for you. We will be focusing on ‘Transportation Vocabulary’.

This is an essential part of our daily conversation as we often discuss our travel plans, daily commute, or maybe an upcoming trip.

The activities will include arranging sentences, fixing grammatical errors, completing sentences, and forming questions. Let’s dive in and explore the transportation world while enhancing our English language skills.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Transportation Vocabulary


a) traffic / heavy / there / in / the / morning / is

There is heavy traffic in the morning.


b) prefer / public / I / to / transport / driving


c) the / train / catch / morning / I / the / in


d) car / my / is / garage / in / the


e) on / buses / weekends / run / less / frequently


f) by / travelled / bicycle / I / to / work


g) station / the / near / is / your / house / ?


h) prefer / you / do / or / subway / bus / ?


i) always / during / is / it / rush / hour / busy


j) airport / the / to / way / the / is / this / ?


k) scooter / you / a / do / have / ?


l) a / is / ticket / how / much / train / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Transportation Vocabulary Exercises


a) I drives my car.

I drive my car.


b) The trainn are fast.


c) She take the bus to the work.


d) We prefering to walk.


e) They rides theyr bikes everyday.


f) He go to school for subway.


g) It is more cheap to take bus.


h) The trafic jam was to bad this morning.


i) I am taking an taxi to the airpport.


j) The bus were too crowd.


k) You needs to buy a ticket before board.


l) The station are near mine house.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I always txxx the xxs to work.

I always take the bus to work.


b) It is often quicker to xxxxel by txxxx.


c) During xxxx hour, the xxxxays are always full.


d) I prefer to xxxx my xxxxcle in the city.


e) The xxxxht was delayed xxx to bad weather.


f) You should always wear a xxxxet when rxxxxxx a motorcycle.


g) My xxx is in the repair xxxp.


h) The xxxix station is five minutes wxxx from my house.


i) The xxxxge across the xxxxr is very old.


j) I missed the last xxx home.


k) It's a long dxxxx from my house to the xxxxort.


l) The xxx was very rxxxx because of the storm.


m) The xxx price has xxxxxased again.


4) English Subject Pronoun Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) I will take the bus. ( What…)

What will you take?


b) We will travel by train. ( How...)


c) They will fly to New York. ( Where...)


d) She will ride her bicycle to school. ( How...)


e) I will take a taxi to the hotel. ( How...)


f) I will drive to the supermarket. ( Where...)


g) He will take the ferry to the island. ( How...)


h) We will meet at the bus stop. ( Where...)


i) I will walk to the park. ( How...)


j) I will rent a car for the trip. ( What...)


k) They will take the subway to the stadium. ( How...)


l) He will sail to the nearby island. ( How...)


Great work today! You have successfully completed the activities. With consistent practice and determination, you can improve your English language skills even further. Remember, the journey of language learning is a marathon, not a sprint.

Keep practicing, stay curious, and don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises or explore new topics. You are doing fantastic! Keep it up!


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