Their, They’re, and There Exercises

english their they are and there exercises

Hello, dear student! It’s essential for us to recognize and differentiate between words that sound similar but have different meanings and uses.

Today, we’re going to focus on the commonly confused trio: “Their,” “They’re,” and “There.” These words may sound alike, but each has a unique role in the English language.

I’ve prepared a set of exercises for you to practice, which will help solidify your understanding of these terms.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Their, They’re, and There


a) party / at / they’re / house / their / having / a

They’re having a party at their house.


b) toys / Their / children / are / there. / playing / with / their


c) is / there. / They're / going / park / to / the / and / it / over


d) are / clothes / there / Where / their / They're / over / ?


e) office / working / they're / today. / in / their


f) over / their / cat / there. / is / sleeping / couch / on / the


g) they're / their / visiting / grandparents / this / weekend


h) over / house / the / end / street / there. / Their / is / at / of / the


i) they're / their / birthday / there. / celebrating / kids' / party


j) and / it's / school / after / there. / going / They're / to / library / the / over


k) their / they're / there. / using / new / software / for / project / the


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Their, They’re, and There


a) Their going the store.

They’re going to the store.


b) Them books are on to table.


c) There mom are a teacher.


d) I think their on the park.


e) Them shoes are news.


f) They car is blue the one.


g) I left mine jacket over they're.


h) Their hoping get good seats on the concert.


i) There friends are very kinds.


j) I believe they're house is biggest in the block.


k) You can place the vase over they're?


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Txxxr dog is barking over txxxx.

Their dog is barking over there.


b) I believe xxxx'xx on their way to the store.


c) xxxxr house is just beyond xxxt hill.


d) Are xxxx going xx the concert tonight?


e) xxt the keys xxxxe on the table.


f) xxxxxxe going to the gym after work.


g) The children left xxxxr toys all xxxx the floor.


h) Can you see xxxt bird? It's right xxxxx.


i) Txxxxxx taking txxxx time to make a decision.


j) The books over xxxxx belong to txxx.


k) I think xxexxxx the best players xx the team.


4) English “Their, They’re, and There” Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) They’re at their grandmother’s house. ( Where…)

Where are they?


b) Their car broke down near the shop. ( What b...)


c) There is a book on the table. ( What...)


d) They're studying for their exams. ( What...)


e) The keys are there, on the counter. ( Where...)


f) Their father is a doctor. ( What...)


g) There are many apples in the basket. ( How many...)


h) They're planning to visit their aunt next week. ( Who...)


i) Their vacation photos are over there. ( Where...)


j) There should be a solution to this problem. ( What...)


k) They're playing with their new toys. ( What...)


Well done on completing the exercises! Remember, the key to mastering the English language (or any language for that matter) is consistent practice and patience.

Whenever you come across “Their,” “They’re,” and “There,” take a moment to think about their context and meaning. It’s through this continual mindfulness and practice that you’ll find it second nature to use them correctly.

Keep up the hard work, and soon enough these common pitfalls will be a thing of the past for you! And don’t hesitate to revisit these activities whenever you feel the need. Happy learning!


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