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english above on over up exercises

Hello, dear student! Mastery of prepositions is a crucial step in understanding and using the English language effectively. Today, we’re going to delve into some exercises centered around the prepositions “Above, On, Over, and Up.”

These particular prepositions can sometimes be tricky, but with practice, you’ll use them with confidence.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Above, On, Over, and Up


a) the / above / fireplace / the / painting / is

Above the fireplace is the painting.


b) the / table / book / on / the / is


c) went / bridge / over / the / he


d) up / hill / the / walked / they


e) on / shoes / my / put / I


f) birds / are / the / clouds / above / flying / the


g) with / on / you / the / were / who / phone / ?


h) jumped / over / the / she / puddle


i) climb / to / tried / up / the / ladder / he


j) the / table / on / vase / the / is / flowers / with


k) over / flew / the / the / plane / mountains


l) the / ball / she / above / threw / her / head


m) the / stood / up / he / suddenly / meeting / during


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Above, On, Over, and Up


a) The cat are up the roof.

The cat is on the roof.


b) She sleep aboves my bed.


c) Put the boxes onver theire.


d) The plane flyies up the clouds.


e) My keys are on in my beg.


f) The birds is flying on the lacke.


g) He placed book the above at the shelf.


h) Hangs the picture up the wall.


i) They climbed above to the mountains peak.


j) The lamp is in above to the table.


k) I live on the appartment over the store.


3) Practice Your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) My backxxxx is ____ the chair.

My backpack is on the chair.


b) The xxxxxopter was ____ the trees.


c) Please don't xxep ____ the line.


d) I need to climb ____ to reach the xxx shelf.


e) The cat xxxxed ____ the wall.


f) The xoox was shining ____ the lake.


g) There is a xxxd's nest ____ the door.


h) Place the xxxxket ____ the table to protect it.


i) She looked ____ and xxx the plane.


j) I xxxg the calendar ____ my desk.


4) Above, On, Over, and Up Test. Write the Questions to the Answers


a) The picture is above the sofa. ( Where…)

Where is the picture located?


b) I left my wallet on the table. ( Where...)


c) They walked over the bridge. ( What...)


d) I went up the stairs. ( Where...)


e) The birds are flying above the trees. ( What...)


f) She placed the vase on the mantle. ( Where...)


g) The plane is flying over the city. ( What...)


h) The rug is under the table. ( Where...)


i) We parked the car above the hill. ( Where...)


j) The cat is hiding under the bed. ( Where...)


k) I hung my coat on the hook. ( Where...)


Well done! I hope you found these exercises on “Above, On, Over, and Up” beneficial. Remember, the key to mastering any language is consistent practice and application.

Review this page as often as you need and try to incorporate these prepositions into your daily conversations and writings.

The more you use them, the more natural they’ll become. Keep up the excellent work, and always reach out if you have questions or need further clarification. Happy learning!


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