Your x Yours Her x Hers Him x His Exercises

english Your x Yours Her x Hers Him x His exercises

Hello dear student. In today’s lesson we’re diving deep into the world of English pronouns, specifically focusing on possessive pronouns like “your” versus “yours”, “her” versus “hers”, and “him” versus “his”.

It’s essential to understand the differences between these words and their proper usage to ensure clarity and precision in your communication.

The exercises provided below have been designed to help you practice these concepts and reinforce your understanding. Take your time, think through each sentence, and let’s tackle this together.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Your x Yours/ Her x Hers / Him x His


a) is / car / yours / that / ?

Is that car yours?


b) her / this / belongs / book / to


c) is / hers / not / this / purse


d) shoes / yours / these / are / ?


e) are / books / him / these / for


f) is / that / his / bicycle / not


g) hers / is / hat / that / ?


h) belong / you / this / to / does / notebook / ?


i) is / hers / the / cat / white


j) for / is / him / this / gift / ?


k) yours / are / keys / those / ?


l) guitar / his / is / blue / the


m) to / her / belong / that / does / dress / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Your x Yours/ Her x Hers / Him x His


a) That book are your?

Is that book yours?


b) That scarf belong to hers.


c) These is him shoes.


d) Your sure this is you pen?


e) Her has an beautifful dress.


f) His going for to the park.


g) These books is your.


h) The house is her.


i) That're hers bag over there.


j) I think that's your glasses at the table.


k) His the one who called earlie.


l) The car parked outside is your?


m) Her should brings her laptop.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) That xxcket is xxxxs.

That jacket is yours.


b) This book belongs xx xxr .


c) These glasses xxx not xxs.


d) Are xxxse pencils xxxxs ?


e) The decision is xxxs xx make.


f) Txxt bag is not xxs.


g) Txxxe tickets are xxxxs.


h) That xxt is xxxs .


i) The guitar xx xxx corner is xxs .


j) Is this umxxxxxa xxxxs ?


k) The nexxxxxe she wears is xxxs .


l) The decision ____ xxs to take.


m) If these keys are not xxxxs, then ____ are they?


4) English Pronoun Test Your x Yours / Her x Hers / Him x His. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) It’s hers.” (Whose…)

Whose is it?


b) They are his.


c) No, it's not yours.


d) Yes, they are mine.


e) It belongs to him.


f) The book is yours.


g) The dress is not hers.


h) The car is his.


i) Those are hers.


j) The jacket is not his.


k) The shoes are yours.


l) The guitar belongs to her.


m) No, the laptop isn't his.


Well done on completing these activities! Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you engage with these pronouns and use them in various contexts, the more natural they will become to you.

Possessive pronouns can sometimes be tricky, but they’re an essential part of our language, helping to show ownership and relationships.

If you find any particular exercises challenging, don’t hesitate to go over them again or reach out with any questions. Keep up the excellent work, and always strive to refine your English language skills. I’m proud of your efforts!


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