Animals Vocabulary Exercises

english animals vocabulary exercises

Hello dear student! Today, we’ll be diving into an informative lesson on the vocabulary related to animals.

They are an integral part of our world, and their diverse nature offers a rich reservoir of words and concepts to explore.

From the domesticated pets we cherish to the wild creatures that intrigue us, this vocabulary will broaden your horizons and make your conversations about animals more vivid and enlightening. Let’s embark on this linguistic journey together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Animals Vocabulary


a) fierce / are / and / Lions / powerful

Lions are fierce and powerful.


b) long / Elephants / and / have / large / tusks / ears


c) forest / live / the / owls / in / the


d) water / the / in / fish / swim / blue


e) sky / birds / the / fly / in


f) cheetah / fastest / is / animal / the / the


g) you / seen / a / have / kangaroo / ?


h) night / at / bats / come / out


i) strong / and / is / the / bear / big


j) black / the / cat / is / sleek / and


k) hibernate / winter / do / in / bears / the / ?


l) animals / dangerous / are / wild / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Animals Vocabulary Exercises


a) I seen a elephant.

I saw an elephant.


b) They is herbivories.


c) She love watch birds flying.


d) I has a pet turttle.


e) The mouses is at the barn.


f) In Africa, lion hunts zebras.


g) Wolves travels on packs.


h) I like the sound froggs makes.


i) On Australia, kangaroos hops around.


j) Sir, your chose an colorful bird.


k) Where is your hammster? It is in mine cage.


l) I love mine pet snacke. Its very slithery.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I have a pet xxt naxxx Luna.

I have a pet cat named Luna.


b) My favorite animal to waxxx is the gixxxxx.


c) The lxxx is known as the king of the juxxxx.


d) The dxxxxxn is a maxxxx mammal.


e) I saw a zxxxx with black and wxxxx stripes.


f) The xxl hunts at nixxx.


g) My brother fears sxxxxxs because of their eight lxxx.


h) The pxxxxxn is an animal that cannot xxy.


i) The xxxxl is a desert animal with a xxxp.


j) The bxxxx has long xxxs and loves to hop.


k) The sxxxk has sharp teeth and is xxxxxd by many.


l) The hxxxxxxxird is the smallest xxxd known to man.


m) The xxxxxxnt has a long xxxxk used for grasping objects.


4) Animals Vocabulary Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I saw a tiger at the zoo. ( What…)

What did you see at the zoo?


b) The parrot can mimic our voices. ( What...)


c) They will adopt a puppy. ( What...)


d) The fox lives in the woods. ( Where...)


e) The snake is in the grass. ( Where...)


f) I feed my pet fish every morning. ( When...)


g) The eagle has a sharp vision. ( How...)


h) The penguins live in Antarctica. ( Where...)


i) The spider weaves a web. ( What...)


j) I own a hamster. ( What...)


k) Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. ( Who...)


l) Bears eat honey and fish. ( Who...)


Bravo! You’ve successfully navigated through today’s lesson on animal vocabulary. Remember, language is not just about memorizing words but understanding their context and usage.

The more you practice and incorporate these new terms into your daily conversations, the more fluent and confident you’ll become. Keep up the fantastic work, and don’t hesitate to revisit this lesson whenever you need a refresher.

Until our next lesson, keep exploring the vast world of English vocabulary. Happy learning!


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