Negative Sentences Exercises

english negative sentences exercises

Hello, dear student! As we progress on our English language journey, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of not just the affirmative sentences but also the negative structures.

Negative sentences are vital in everyday communication and help convey a different perspective or contradiction.

Today, we’ll delve into exercises specially curated to reinforce your grasp on negative sentences. Let’s put our thinking caps on and dive into the activities!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Negative Sentences


a) not / I / like / do / spinach

I do not like spinach.


b) we / not / the / watch / do / movie


c) I / a / not / am / singer


d) work / she / not / today / will


e) students / they / are / not


f) because / I / tired / sleep / I / am / don't


g) you / coffee / drink / not / do


h) she / like / not / does / jazz


i) they / not / sell / toys / do


j) he / is / interested / not


k) the / you / attend / not / will / event / ?


l) she / sing / today / not / will


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Negative Sentences Exercises


a) I don’t likes aples.

I don’t like apples.


b) He aren't a docto.


c) They doesn't eate meat.


d) She don't studies.


e) We isn't on home.


f) It don't rains today.


g) He don't likes swim.


h) You isn't mine friend.


i) They don't not sleep in night.


j) I does not want to go.


k) She aren't on the room.


l) It doesn't is my pem.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I xx not xxxxk coffee.

I do not drink coffee.


b) They xx not like xxxd music.


c) She is nxx gxxx at basketball.


d) We xx not xxxxh movies on Sundays.


e) He xxxx not have any sibxxxxs.


f) I xx not believe in ghxxxx.


g) They xxx not pxxxxxng in the park.


h) She xxxl not xxxs the test.


i) I xx not xxxt to go to the party.


j) We xxx not afxxxx of hexxxxx.


k) You xx not xxxm to like my cake.


l) It is xxt the rxxxx xxy to do it.


m) They xxx not xx the sxxx room.


4) English Negative Sentences Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I will not go to the party. ( Why…)

Why will you not go to the party?


b) They will not eat the cake. ( Why...)


c) She does not like jazz. ( What...)


d) He is not in the library. ( Where...)


e) They are not playing football. ( What...)


f) I do not have a pen. ( What...)


g) She won't join the club. ( Who...)


h) We don't live in New York. ( Where...)


i) He doesn't eat meat. ( What...)


j) You aren't attending the meeting. ( Who...)


k) They won't watch the movie. ( What...)


l) I am not a teacher. ( What...)


Well done! You’ve worked through a diverse range of exercises centered on negative sentences, which are crucial in mastering the nuances of English communication.

Remember, making mistakes is an integral part of learning, and the key is to revisit, practice, and internalize the concepts.

Continue to practice and soon enough the idiom will become second nature to you. Keep up the enthusiasm and dedication! Happy learning!


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