Body Parts Vocabulary Exercises

english body parts vocabulary exercises

Hello students, today we will be focusing on a very important and fundamental topic.

Understanding and knowing the terms for different parts of the body is essential for everyday communication. We will begin with some activities that will help you put sentences in the correct order.

Next, we will focus on correcting grammatical errors in sentences. After that, we will complete sentences with the correct word, and finally, we will practice forming questions to given answers.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Body Parts Vocabulary


a) a / have / my / headache / I / in / head

I have a headache in my head.


b) is / the / in / my / pain / stomach


c) broke / I / my / arm


d) are / and / strong / legs / my / long


e) hair / is / long / and / black / my


f) are / teeth / white / my


g) eyes / are / blue / my


h) is / skin / my / sensitive


i) hands / dry / are / my


j) is / my / heart / healthy


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Body Parts Vocabulary Exercises


a) I have a pain on my stomac.

I have a pain in my stomach.


b) My hairs are curlie.


c) She has a beutiful eyes.


d) He brocke his legg.


e) Mine skin is oilly.


f) Her tooths are yelow.


g) His noose are big.


h) You ears is small.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) My xkxx is itxxy.

My skin is itchy.


b) I hurt my xxx xxxxing football.


c) She has a xxt xx hxx finger.


d) He has a sxxx xn his faxx.


e) My xxxx aches after studying xxx xxo long.


f) I have a xxxn xn my xxck.


g) She xxx beautiful xyxx.


h) He xxx strong xrxx.


4) Body Parts Vocabulary Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I hurt my leg. ( What…)

What did you hurt?


b) My eyes are blue. ( What...)


c) I have a pain in my stomach. ( Where...)


d) She has a scar on her face. ( Who...)


e) He has strong arms. ( Who...)


f) My hair is curly. ( How...)


g) Her teeth are yellow. ( What...)


h) Your ears are small. ( How...)


Well done, everyone! You have all worked hard and I hope this exercise has helped you to strengthen your vocabulary and understanding of body parts.

Remember, practicing regularly and using new vocabulary in your daily conversations will help you to remember these words and improve your language skills. Keep up the good work and continue practicing!


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