House and Furniture Vocabulary Exercises

english house and furniture vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we are going to focus on expanding our vocabulary related to ‘House and Furniture’.

It is essential to know the basic terms and phrases associated with different parts of the house and the furniture that fills them, as these are common topics of conversation in everyday life.

We will work through a series of activities designed to reinforce your understanding and application of this vocabulary.

These activities will include arranging sentences in the correct order, correcting grammatical errors, completing sentences, and answering questions. Remember, practice makes perfect, so let’s dive in and start the activities!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – House and Furniture Vocabulary


a) living / is / the / in / sofa / room / the

The sofa is in the living room.


b) bedroom / is / in / the / bed / my


c) bathroom / is / sink / the / in / the


d) kitchen / in / the / is / refrigerator / the


e) is / the / house / in / table / the / dining / the


f) are / in / chairs / the / the / garden


g) are / the / books / the / shelf / on


h) is / mirror / on / the / wall / the


i) is / the / in / the / kitchen / oven


j) the / bathtub / the / bathroom / is / in


k) are / the / in / curtains / the / bedroom


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – House and Furniture Vocabulary Exercises


a) The window are opens.

The window is open.


b) There are a lamp in the table.


c) The book are to the shelf.


d) The television is in to kicthen.


e) The flowers is at the vase.


f) There are book on to the table.


g) The soffa is in the livinroom.


h) There is a pictture to the wall.


i) The refriggerator are full of food.


j) The mirror is on the battroom.


k) The chairs is arround the table.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I hxxx a comfortable xxx in my xoox.

I have a comfortable bed in my room.


b) In the xxxxxxx, we cook food.


c) The xxxxxg xxox is where we watch television.


d) I keep my clothes xx the xxxxxbe.


e) We eat our meals xx the dxxxxg table.


f) The xxxxxxom is where we xxxxh our teeth.


g) The xxxx is where we xxxx our hands.


h) The xxxxxxxxxxor is where we xxxxe our food.


i) The xxxx is where we sit and rxxxx.


j) The xxxxxxxx is where we xxxx a shower.


4) English Subject Pronoun Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I keep my books in the bookshelf. (Where…)

Where do you keep your books?


b) The lamp is on the table. (Where...)


c) The chairs are in the garden. (Where...)


d) The dining table is in the kitchen. (Where...)


e) We watch television in the living room. (Where...)


f) The refrigerator is in the kitchen. (Where...)


g) There are flowers in the vase. (What...)


h) The wardrobe is in the bedroom. (Where...)


i) We cook food in the kitchen. (What...)


j) I brush my teeth in the bathroom. (What...)


k) There are pictures on the wall. (What...)


Well done on completing the activities! You have worked hard on improving your vocabulary today. Remember, it is important to not only understand these words but also to use them in your daily conversations.

Practice using these new words as much as possible – describe your house, the furniture in it, and even make up stories involving different rooms and furniture.

The more you use the new vocabulary, the easier it will be to remember and the more natural it will become for you to use it in your conversations.

Keep up the good work, and remember, practice and consistency are key to mastering any new skill. Happy studying!


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