This, That, These and Those Demonstrative Exercises

english demonstrative pronouns exercises

Hello dear student! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of English demonstrative pronouns.

Understanding and mastering the use of these words is fundamental in ensuring that your conversations and writings are clear and precise.

Remember, “this” and “these” often refer to objects that are close to us in distance or time, while “that” and “those” typically refer to objects further away.

As you progress through this lesson, you’ll find exercises to rearrange sentences, correct grammatical errors, practice vocabulary, and test your knowledge by framing questions.

The key to mastery is practice, so let’s embark on this linguistic journey together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Demonstratives This, That, These and Those


a) is / dress / this / beautiful / a

This is a beautiful dress.


b) are / those / my / shoes / favorite


c) apples / these / are / fresh / very


d) is / car / that / expensive / an


e) building / that / is / tall / very


f) those / are / cupcakes / delicious / ?


g) chair / is / this / broken / ?


h) are / comfortable / those / jeans / ?


i) pen / is / that / yours / ?


j) magazines / these / interesting / are / very


k) that / is / song / catchy / very


l) those / are / paintings / beautiful / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – This, That, These and Those


a) These is my books.

These are my books.


b) That are an big house.


c) Thise are the key.


d) That's is mine pen.


e) Is thesi your bags?


f) That are the trree I planted.


g) These glasses is yours?


h) That book is are interesting.


i) Theses shoes is to big.


j) That are chair I were talking about.


k) These cats are cutes.


l) That's are moovie I mentioned.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) This xx my xxxxxxst sister.

This is my youngest sister.


b) Txxxe xxx my xxw books on the shelf.


c) Xxxxe xxxes are very xxxxxxxable.


d) Xxxt is the xxxss I want to buy.


e) Xxxxe are the phxxxx I took xx vacation.


f) Xxxt building xx the cenxxxx xxxxary.


g) Xxxxe are my xxxxrite earxxxxx.


h) Xxxt is the xxxg I heard about.


i) Xxxxe are the xxxxries from the bakery.


j) Xxxs is the xxxx I xxx for my birthday.


k) Xxxxe flowers xxx really xxxxxxul.


l) Xxxs is the xxxm we learned in xxxxol.


4) This, That, These, and Those Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) This is my new dress. ( What…)

What is this?


b) Those are the mountains I climbed. ( What...)


c) These are my friends from college. ( Who...)


d) That is the book I was looking for. ( What...)


e) These are the cookies I baked. ( What...)


f) That's the guitar I want. ( What...)


g) These are the keys to my house. ( What...)


h) That's the museum I visited. ( What...)


i) These are my favorite shoes. ( What...)


j) That is the lake we swam in. ( What...)


k) This is my grandmother's ring. ( What...)


l) Those are the stars we looked at. ( What...)


Well done on completing the exercises on demonstrative pronouns! It’s crucial to differentiate between them to enhance clarity in your communication.

Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t get everything right the first time; the path to fluency is paved with persistence and practice. Keep revisiting these exercises and soon, using these words will become second nature.

Keep up the excellent work and always strive for progress, not perfection!


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