Participle Clauses Exercises

english participle clauses exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we’re going to delve into the fascinating world of participle clauses.

These are incredibly useful structures that allow us to provide additional information in a sentence without needing to use full clauses, making our statements more concise and polished.

The activities below have been designed to give you a comprehensive overview: from arranging jumbled sentences to identifying grammatical errors and even testing your vocabulary within the context of participle clauses.

I trust that by the end of these exercises, you’ll be more confident in using and identifying participle clauses in various contexts.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Participle Clauses


a) written / having / report, / the / she / left / the / room

Having written the report, she left the room.


b) collapsed / exhausted, / she


c) shoes, / Polishing / his / left / the / house / he


d) broken, / the / being / window / was / repaired / it


e) fired / being / he / shocked / was


f) the / meal / prepared / they / guests / invited / the / having


g) by / overwhelmed / he / emotions / his / speech / began


h) from / tired / she / work / rested


i) his / expertise / he / for / was / hired / known


j) the / sunrise / watching / she / a / wrote / poem


k) it / damaged / severely / the / being / house / was / renovated


l) a / grown / having / beard / he / looked / older


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Participle Clauses Exercises


a) Burned the cake, it were throw away.

Having burned the cake, it was thrown away.


b) The car been stolen, he called police.


c) Has make dinner, she invited her friends.


d) The task be complete, he went to home.


e) Been locked out of his house, he was waiting to his wife.


f) Have broke the vase, she cleaned up.


g) Taken the medicine, she fellt better.


h) Inspiring by nature, he taked photos.


i) He got a promotion, known for his hard work.


j) The news shocking, she sit down.


k) Raised by his grand parents, he were very respectful.


l) The water boil, she aded the pasta.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) Xxxxxg done his homework, xx played xxxeo games.

Having done his homework, he played video games.


b) Xxxxxred by the beautiful scene, xxe xxxnted a picture.


c) The food bxxxx prepared, we sat dwww to eat.


d) Xxxxxg earned his degree, he xxxxxxd looking for a job.


e) The document xxxxg, she handed it to xxr boss.


f) The storm xxxxxxxhing, they stxxxx indoors.


g) Not kxxxxxg what to do, she asked for hxxx.


h) The cake xxxxg baked, she adxxx some decorations.


i) Xxxxnx his keys, he couldn't xxxxx the house.


j) The tickets xxxxg bxxxxt, we went to the concert.


k) Having xxxxn up late, she missed xxr train.


l) His proposal xxxxx xxxxxxed, she was xxxx the moon.


4) Participle Clauses Test. Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Having studied all night, she was exhausted. ( What…)

What did she do all night?


b) Worn out from the hike, they took a rest. ( Why...)


c) Known for his dedication, he was promoted. ( Why...)


d) Having missed the bus, she took a taxi. ( Why...)


e) The music being too loud, he wore earplugs. ( Why...)


f) Raised in a small town, she loved the countryside. ( Why...)


g) The exam being tough, he didn't pass. ( Why...)


h) Inspired by his teacher, he chose that career. ( Why...)


i) Having seen the movie, she wanted to read the book. ( Why...)


j) The car being old, it often broke down. ( Why...)


k) Tired from the journey, they went straight to bed. ( Why...)


l) The contract being signed, they celebrated. ( Why...)


Well done on completing these exercises on participle clauses! By now, you should have a clearer understanding of how these structures can enhance the fluidity and conciseness of your sentences.

Remember, like all grammar structures, the key to mastering participle clauses is consistent practice. Don’t hesitate to revisit these tests or craft some sentences of your own to truly solidify your grasp.

Continue reading, writing, and practicing, and you’ll soon find that these clauses become second nature to you. Keep up the good work, and always strive for linguistic excellence!


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