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english there is there are exercises

Hello dear student! As we delve deeper into the intricacies of the English language, it’s essential that we focus on sentence structures that help us convey existence or presence, and the quantification of items or people in a particular place.

One of the primary tools to express these ideas is by using “there is” and “there are” in their various forms – affirmative, negative, and interrogative.

Today, we will explore exercises centered around these structures to bolster your understanding and command of these phrases. Ready to dive in?


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – There is There are


a) there / desk / a / on / lamp / the / is

There is a lamp on the desk.


b) cars / the / are / there / in / garage / two


c) are / children / the / playing / there / park / in


d) a / isn't / there / classroom / in / teacher / the


e) there / any / apples / fridge / the / in / are / ?


f) is / there / swimming / pool / a / in / garden / the


g) aren't / in / birds / any / cage / the / there


h) is / bedroom / there / a / mirror / the / in


i) there / bread / bakery / the / in / is / fresh


j) are / trees / there / the / park / many / in


k) any / there / cats / are / street / the / in / ?


l) living / any / water / the / in / fish / isn't / there


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – There is There are Exercises


a) There is many dogs on the park.

There are many dogs in the park.


b) Is there any apples on the basket?


c) There are a cat at the rooff.


d) There isn't no any milk in fridge.


e) Are there any cofee left?


f) There are a letter for your on the table.


g) There is pens in the drower.


h) Are there a ball on the yards?


i) There are't chars in the room.


j) Are there any books in to the shelff?


k) There is an pies on the oven.


l) There isn't anys sugars lefts.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) There xx a xxok xx the table.

There is a book on the table.


b) Xn the fridge, there xxx some apples and xx orange.


c) In the park, there xxx children xxxxxng.


d) Xx the mountain, xxxxx is a xxall house.


e) In the zoo, there xxx many xxxxxxent animals.


f) There xxxxxt xxy flowers in the vase.


g) Xxx there xxx tickets xxx the concert?


h) There xx x smxxx xn her faxx.


i) Xx the classroom, there xxx twenty xxxxxnts.


j) Xx xxxre xxx milk in the jxx?


k) There xxxxxt xxy birds xx the xxy today.


l) There xx xx xxxxxng view from this wxxxxx.


4) Test – There is There are. Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) There is a bakery near my house. ( Where…)

Where is the bakery located?


b) There are some cookies in the jar. ( What...)


c) No, there aren't any dogs in the park. ( Are...)


d) Yes, there is a swimming pool at the hotel. ( Is...)


e) There are five pencils in the box. ( How many...)


f) No, there isn't any sugar left. ( Is...)


g) There are some birds singing outside. ( What... .. doing.. ..ide?)


h) Yes, there is a car in the garage. ( Is...)


i) No, there aren't any tickets available. ( Are...)


j) There are three apples on the table. ( How many...)


k) Yes, there is a meeting tomorrow. ( Is...)


Understanding and mastering the usage of “there is” and “there are” will greatly improve the flow and clarity of your expressions in English, especially when describing scenes, locations, or quantities.

I encourage you to practice them regularly, and soon they’ll become second nature.

If you ever find yourself unsure or confused, revisit these exercises or approach me with your queries. Keep up the excellent work, and let’s continue our journey towards English mastery together!


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