44 English Grammar Exercises for Beginners

english grammar exercises for beginners

Hello, dear student! As we embark on this learning journey, I’ve prepared a set of beginners activities tailored to help you solidify your foundational knowledge of English grammar.

They are carefully designed to challenge your understanding, promote active engagement, and set you up for success in mastering the essentials.


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Remember, the key to grasping any language lies in consistent practice. So, let’s dive into these basic exercises and uncover the beauty and structure of the English language together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Grammar for Beginners


a) apple / xxx / eating / I / am

I am eating an apple.


b) xxx / the / is / she / store


c) xxx / are / in / they / park


d) cat / my / xxx / sleeping


e) reading / you / xxx / book / a


f) xxx / cake / the / on / table / the


g) running / xxx / children / the


h) he / is / school / xxx


i) I / xxx / ice cream / chocolate


j) in / room / my / is / sister / xxr


k) xxx / you / like / music / ?


l) xxx / xxx / singing / shower / she / is


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Exercises for Beginners


a) I has an blue pen.

I have a blue pen.


b) She are tired.


c) They likes to plays.


d) I not do knows.


e) We is in here.


f) He have an ball.


g) It're rainning.


h) She don't eats meat.


i) They isn't on home.


j) I likes chocollate.


k) He don't konw.


l) They plays foot ball.


3) Practice Basic English Vocabulary


a) My xxxe xx John.

My name is John.


b) I hxxx oxe brother.


c) She xx xxxing a sandwich.


d) The cat xx xxxxping.


e) We xxe plxxxxg football.


f) It xx raxxxng.


g) He xx a good fxxxnd.


h) They xxx xx the park.


i) The book xx xx the table.


j) She xx dxxxxng.


k) I xx xxxx England.


l) Xxx dog xx baxxxng.


4) About English Grammar for Beginners, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I am at the park. ( Where…)

Where are you?


b) He is reading a book. ( What...)


c) They are playing football. ( What...)


d) She is from Spain. ( Where...)


e) It is a cat. ( What...)


f) We are eating ice cream. ( What...)


g) He is 10 years old. ( How...)


h) They are at school. ( Where...)


i) I am playing the piano. ( What...)


j) She is wearing a blue dress. ( What...)


k) The book is on the shelf. ( Where...)


l) He is my brother. ( Who...)


Well done on completing these exercises for Beginners! Every effort you put forth brings you one step closer to fluency. Remember that learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint.

The progress you made today, no matter how small, is a testament to your dedication and commitment. Always be patient with yourself and celebrate the little victories.

Continue practicing, stay curious, and don’t hesitate to revisit these basic activities or seek further clarification whenever you feel the need. Keep up the fantastic work, and I’m looking forward to our next lesson together!


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