4 Past Continuous Exercises

english past continuous exercises

Hello students! Today, we’re going to delve deeper into the realm of English grammar, focusing specifically on the Past Continuous tense.

This tense is essential for describing actions or situations that were in progress at a particular time in the past. By mastering this tense, you’ll be able to paint vivid pictures of past events, enriching your storytelling and conversations.

Let’s dive into a series of exercises to help solidify your understanding of this important topic.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Past Continuous


a) was / I / reading / my / book

I was reading my book.


b) were / the / they / at / playing / park


c) the / were / you / watching / movie / ?


d) were / singing / birds / the / outside


e) we / to / music / were / listening


f) was / the / studying / for / exam / she


g) cooking / they / dinner / were / ?


h) raining / night / it / last / was


i) sleeping / cat / was / the / ?


j) the / they / were / cleaning / garage


k) was / Sarah / talking / on / the / phone


l) was / he / waiting / bus / for / the


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Past Continuous Exercises


a) I were studying.

I was studying.


b) She were cookign dinner.


c) They was plaiyng tennis.


d) It were snowyng.


e) We was wacthing TV.


f) Was your listenning music?


g) Was the childrens playing out side?


h) Birds was singign.


i) He wasn't writting an letter.


j) They was studying math.


k) You not were run.


l) It were raininng.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) They wxxe xxxxhing x football xxtch.

They were watching a football match.


b) I was woxxxxg on my laptop.


c) She wxx lxxxxxing to the radio.


d) The kids xxxx xxxying xx the garden.


e) The birds wxxx xxxing xx the sky.


f) He xxx rxxxxng a book.


g) xxxx they xxxxhing a movie?


h) I was xxxxx my homexxxx.


i) He wxx xxxing a sandwich.


j) We xxxx xxxing a plan.


k) The cat xxx xxxxxing xx the bed.


l) Was she xxxxxng xx her mother?


4) About Past Continuous, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I was studying at home. ( Where…)

Where were you studying?


b) They were playing football. ( What...)


c) She was dancing at the party. ( What...)


d) He was reading a novel. ( What...)


e) They were eating pizza. ( What...)


f) I was listening to music. ( What...)


g) We were watching a movie. ( What...)


h) She was talking to John. ( Who...)


i) The kids were playing in the park. ( Where...)


j) The birds were singing. ( What...)


k) He was waiting for the bus. ( What...)


l) They were swimming in the pool. ( Where...)


Well done on completing the exercises on the Past Continuous tense! It’s essential to practice consistently to become comfortable using this tense naturally in your conversations and writings.

Remember, the Past Continuous helps provide a backdrop to your stories, setting the scene and creating a more immersive experience for your listeners or readers.

Always review and practice. Keep up the great work, and never hesitate to revisit these exercises if you need a refresher!


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