4 Present Continuous Exercises

english present continuous exercises

Hello dear student! One of the fundamental tenses to grasp in the English language is the “Present Continuous” tense.

It vividly captures actions or situations that are happening right now, at this very moment, or around this period. Mastering this tense will not only enhance your communicative skills but also allow you to convey current events or actions with precision.

In today’s lesson, we will dive deep into this tense, working through sentence structuring, rectifying common mistakes, expanding your vocabulary, and testing your understanding with question-answer exercises. I hope you’re excited, so let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Present Continuous Tense


a) studying / she / is / library / in / the

She is studying in the library.


b) they / playing / are / park / the / in / football


c) you / are / watching / now / what / ?


d) eating / lunch / we / are / our


e) listening / is / to / he / music / ?


f) are / the / they / at / swimming / beach


g) working / you / where / are / now / ?


h) is / reading / she / a / novel


i) singing / is / in / the / shower / he


j) you / why / crying / are / ?


k) are / doing / what / they / evening / this / ?


l) cooking / is / dinner / she / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – Present Continuous Exercises


a) I am plays to the guittar.

I am playing the guitar.


b) He is work on the office.


c) They is eated breakfast.


d) We are listens on to the radio.


e) She are reading an book.


f) It is rains out side.


g) They is wathcing a movie.


h) You am writting an letter.


i) I is going to on shcool.


j) She is plaiyng baskteball.


k) We is having a party tonigth.


l) They are drives to the to store.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) They are hxxxxx a xxxnic in txx garden.

They are having a picnic in the garden.


b) I am rxxxxxx a book about hxxxory.


c) She is xxxxxng the guitar in hxx room.


d) The cat is sxxxxxng on the coxxx.


e) We are xxxxxng for the bus at the stxxxx.


f) He is xxxxng his bike in xxx park.


g) They are xxxxxing a movie at the xxxxma.


h) I am xxxxxxing to music xx xy headphones.


i) You are xxxxxx your lunch xx the cafeteria.


j) It is rxxxxng outside, xx we can't play.


k) The children are pxxxxng in the pxxxxround.


l) Xxx is xxxxng a cake for her mother's xxxxxday.


4) About Present Continuous Tense, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I am studying for my exams. ( What…)

What are you studying for?


b) She is going to the market. ( Where...)


c) They are playing football. ( What...)


d) We are having dinner at a restaurant. ( Where...)


e) He is wearing a blue shirt. ( What...)


f) I am doing my homework. ( What...)


g) It is snowing outside. ( What...)


h) They are dancing at the party. ( Where...)


i) I am listening to jazz music. ( What...)


j) I am reading a novel. ( What...)


k) She is talking to her friend. ( Who...)


l) We are watching a comedy movie. ( What...)


Well done on completing today’s lesson on the Present Continuous tense! Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use and familiarize yourself with this tense, the more natural it will become in your daily conversations.

Always be attentive to how it’s used in real-life situations, like in books, movies, or daily conversations. This will help reinforce what you’ve learned today.

Keep practicing, and don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises whenever you need a refresher. Until our next lesson, keep speaking and writing confidently!


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